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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support 

Online Benefits Adviser 

If you are new to benefits, or already on benefits, the benefits adviser can help you get a benefits estimate or check available benefits to claim.

An estimate gives you the amounts you may be able to claim on a range of benefits, including Council Tax Support and Housing Benefits. Answer questions to get an estimated results summary. Choose the comparison feature 'What if...?' to cover a different circumstance, and show estimated results for two different circumstances together, to see how an estimate might change if the situation does.

Alternatively, you can just see which benefits you may be able to get, without estimated amounts.

The online benefits adviser is supplied by GOV.UK. GOV.UK is the government's digital service for people in England and Wales. It delivers information and practical advice about public services, bringing them all together in one place.

GOV.UK - use the online benefits adviser

Making a claim 

For information on making a claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support, please visit our 'How to claim' page.

You can now view any recent Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claim assessments online, including how the claim was calculated, when your payments were made or are due to be made, and who we have included as part of your household when assessing your claim.

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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Phone: 020 8227 2970

Email: benefits@lbbd.gov.uk