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Property services 

Our corporate property service manages land and property owned by the authority, however not all land in the borough is owned by us, as much of it is owned by private individuals, companies or other organisations.

We maintain a computerised system which identifies property and land within council ownership. Information is also held on property and land when it is disposed and acquired, lettings and leases of council owned property together with any special conditions associated with the land.

For Commercial and Industrial property that is privately owned, please contact the Regeneration team.

Disposal of vacant land and property

Disposal of surplus land and property - Lambert Smith Hampton.
These mainly relate to larger development sites

This section has released capital receipts of more than £40 million (including £10 million in 1998/1999) since 1992.

Consultancy advice
This covers a whole range of activities, mainly for other council departments.

For example, the section has reduced the amount of rates paid by us on our operational property (Property owned and used by us). This has produced a saving of around 20% on the 1995 valuation list.

Other activities
Supporting regeneration initiatives:
Assisting in the provision of new council facilities including libraries, doctor's surgeries, social housing, residential care homes and leisure facilities.

Valuation of all council owned property, and advice to services departments on the acquisition of additional accommodation.

The Council's commercial property to let is marketed by Dobbin and Sullivan.


Corporate Estates and Property Services

Town Hall

1 Town Square


IG11 7LU


Phone: 020 8227 3696

Email: propertyservices@lbbd.gov.uk