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Adopt take your first steps with us 


People wishing to adopt 

Call 020 8227 5555

Or please come along to one of our  monthly open sessions. You do not have to register you interest to attend just pop along and meet our friendly staff  and an adoptive parent over a hot drink and biscuits:

Thursday 4 December, 9.30am to 11.30am,  Broadway Theatre, Barking, IG11 7LS

Saturday 24 January 2015, 2pm to 4pm, Broadway Theatre Barking, IG11 7LS

Wednesday 18 February 2015, 2pm to 4pm, Dagenham Library, 1 Church Elm Lane, Dagenham, RM10 9QS

Sunday 29 March 2015, 2pm to 4pm, Venue TBC, Chelmsford

Thursday 16 April, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Relish Cafe, 2 Town Square, Barking, IG11 7NB

Adopters are viewed by Barking and Dagenham as an important and valuable resource for children in need of adoption. As a result great care is taken in the training, assessment and support of all applicants. We offer a service to all our residents and also welcome applications from those living outside the area.

We are looking for forever families for children from all backgrounds and for sibling groups who want to stay together.  We also need families who could parent a child with disabilities.

All our children have had a rough start and deserve a loving and stable family life. Many have had to parent younger siblings, or even drug or alcohol dependent parents, so they need a home were they can have fun and learn to really laugh again and just be children. They will need consistent boundaries and unconditional support in developing to their full potential.

You can adopt if you...

  • Are single
  • Are not married
  • Are a gay or lesbian single carer or couple
  • Already have birth children
  • Are disabled
  • Consider yourself an 'older' parent
  • Have a modest income

You do need to genuinely want to be parent/s and you will have to enjoy having a child or children in your home. You need to have 'stickability' and be able to go that extra mile.

If you have any questions about adoption please call 020 8227 5555 or email adoption@lbbd.gov.uk . If you would like to apply please complete the application form (link on right of page).

  • We will support you through the entire process and continue to support the child or children living with you.

    • Where needed we provide supportive therapeutic help, for example in house play therapy. Most agencies do not have an in house play therapist.
    • We have very low disruption rates compared to national figures, this means that we match children to adopters very carefully and offer outstanding support, very few of our adoptions breakdown compared to other agencies.
    • A testimony to our adoption service is that many people who adopt with us come back when they are ready to expand their families.


  • Joanne,* single adopter. "I adopted my daughter when she was four. The adoption team at Barking and Dagenham were very welcoming. I was open minded and wanted to find out if I was right for adoption and adoption was right for me.

    “I decided to go ahead, I found parts of the process intrusive and challenging at times but this  helped me to check my motivations.

    “As a single adopter I found that there were more couples than singles at the adoption workshops but I expected this and never felt discriminated against.  I have to sing the team’s praises as my little girl was a great match. For me adoption has been a very good experience."

    *The adopter’s name has been changed for privacy

    If you have any questions about adoption please call 020 8227 5555 or email adoption@lbbd.gov.uk . If you would like to apply please complete the application form (link on right of page).
  • Adoption is a legal process by which a child becomes the responsibility of a new family. This means that parental responsibility passes from the birth parents or the local authority to the new family. For many children, adoption may be their only chance of experiencing family life.

    The majority of children placed for adoption will have been removed from their parents through the court system due to maltreatment in one form or another. These children come to adoption with their own identity, background and family history, all of which will impact on their adoptive home and require understanding and acceptance in order to increase the possibility of a successful placement.

  • It is the basic right of every child to belong to a family. If children cannot live with their birth families, for whatever reason, local authorities have a duty to:

    • Make sure they reach their full potential
    • Give them a fresh start
    • If appropriate, find another permanent home

    Adoption continues to provide an important service for children, offering a positive outcome. Research shows that adopted children make a very good progress through childhood and into adulthood compared with children brought up with their own parents. They also tend to do considerably better than children who have stayed in the care system throughout their childhood.

  • The value of post adoption support has been recognised more in recent years as being crucial to the success of adoptive placements. A child's need for explanation and knowledge about his or her background may grow as they get older. Their behaviour may increasingly reflect the impact of poor or abusive parenting in their early years.

    We will support all adoptive placements through our own services or those of a families adoption agency. We also have a responsibility to the birth parents of children placed for adoption and will provide support and counselling to them.

    Approved adoptive parents needed:

    • To participate in local monthly group meetings for prospective adopters and adoptive parents
    • To encourage and support each other
    • To identify particular issues for workshops and training

    For further information, telephone Post Adoption Support Services on 020 8227 5864 or 020 8227 5862 or email sharon.moore@lbbd.gov.uk or mary.manuel@lbbd.gov.uk.

    London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Post Adoption Support Services also provide services for birth relatives and adoptees. Contact Post Adoption Support Services at the contact details shown above.


Adoption Team

3rd Floor, Roycraft House

15 Linton Road

Barking, Essex

IG11 8HE


Phone: 020 8227 5555

Email: adoption@lbbd.gov.uk