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Disabled Children's Service 

The Disabled Children's Team is a team of social workers and support staff who specialise in offering support for children with profound disabilities and their families. Referrals are made by the Assessment Team.

For further information please contact the Assessment Team on 0208 227 3811

or email enquiries to childrenss@lbbd.gov.uk

Short Breaks Services Statement
Short Breaks Self referral form 

Short Breaks for Disabled Children Services Directory


Children who meet the priority and eligibility criteria (conditions) as 'children in need' are eligible for the services we provide if our assessment confirms this.

Assessment process

Following the introduction of the Framework of Assessment for Children in Need and their Families (2000), we will assess all referrals using the priority and eligibility criteria.

If we assess a child as having a disability, we will offer appropriate services according to need and availability. If we are not going to provide services, we will offer advice about other services.

Disabled children's register

Individual Short Breaks applications - Offering choice for disabled children and young people, and those with complex health needs, resident in Barking and Dagenham

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham are offering Individualised Short Break grants to disabled children and their families funded through the Aiming High grant. This is a chance for all children who are disabled (under the DDA/Equalities Act definition) and who cannot access universal play and leisure without additional support, to apply for a short break that suits their individual needs and wishes.

Families, professionals or providers on behalf of families, can apply for support for a short break activity that a child would enjoy.

Applications will be appraised monthly throughout the year.

Application forms for Apr 2014 - Mar 2015 are now available from The Heathway Centre - 512a Heathway, Dagenham, Essex, RM10 7SJ

Frequently asked questions

If my child has not been given a statement of special education needs by the local education authority, can I still receive services?
Yes, depending on the assessment. The assessment may also show that it is appropriate for your child to be referred for a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Will I receive money to help me care for my child?
No, but other free services are available to support parents and carers. It may also be appropriate to refer you to the Benefits Agency, as you may be eligible for financial support.

Does my child's name have to go on the disability register?
No, but if your child's name is on the register, it helps the appropriate agencies involved to plan and shape future services for disabled children.

Who can help if my child has special educational needs?
The Special Educational Needs team can offer advice and support for pupils who have special educational needs. We are determined to offer the best possible education opportunities for all children, regardless of any special educational needs they may have.