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School Admission Appeals 

How to appeal for a Barking and Dagenham school place 

You have a right to appeal to an independent appeal panel for any Barking and Dagenham schools that are listed as a higher preference on your application form than the one you have been offered.  For example, if your child is offered a place at the school you listed as preference 3, you can appeal for preferences 1 and 2.  You cannot appeal for a school you listed as a lower preference than the school offered to your child or appeal for a school that you did not list on your form.

If we do not offer your child a place at one of the schools you list on any of your common application forms, this is because there are no places available or we have offered a higher preference. We will have given out all the available places in our schools in line with our published admission process. We do not set aside spare places for any reason, including appeals.

If you decide to appeal for a place at one of our schools you will need to fill in an appeal form.  The school appeals guidance notes (included with the appeal form) explain how to appeal against our decision not to offer your child a place at your preferred Barking and Dagenham schools.  The guide also explains how the appeals process works.

You can use the same form to appeal for more than one school and list any Barking and Dagenham Schools on the appeal form.  Please download the appeal form (see below) or take your results letter to either of the one-stop shops at Barking or Dagenham and ask for an appeal form. You must return your filled-in appeal form to the clerk to the appeal panel at the address printed on the front of the form.

Once you send in your form, the clerk will write to you to tell you the date of your appeal. The appeal will be heard by an independent appeal panel, which will be made up of three people. None of these people will have any connection with the school or the Admissions Team. The appeal panel will accept comments in writing or in person at the appeal hearing. The appeal panel’s decision is final and both you and we must accept it.

Important information
If you change your preferences and do not list the schools you are appealing for on your most current common application form, we will withdraw your appeal.

When will my appeal be heard?
School admission appeal hearings will be held for all of Barking and Dagenham's schools for children starting school (Reception), starting junior school (Year3) or moving into secondary school (Year 7) (known as 'New Intake' or 'Cohort') in September 2014.  The timetable for the hearings are published under the "Useful Links" section below.

The documents will show the deadlines by which you must lodge your appeal in order to ensure that it is heard before the new school year and when you would receive confirmation of the appeal hearing, the papers for the hearing and the outcome of your appeal.

For all other applications, the appeal will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal department receiving your filled-in appeal form.

Schools outside the borough
If you want to appeal for a place in a school outside Barking and Dagenham, you will need to contact the relevant admissions authority (local authority or school) for more details about how to appeal.

Useful links for appeals information

Secondary appeals timetable

Primary appeals timetable

Department for education appeals information

School admissions code

School appeals code

Admissions Officer - Appeals

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Phone: 020 8215 3004

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