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The role of the local authority 


The local authority has a statutory obligation to make arrangements to enable them to establish (so far as it is possible to do so) the identities of children in their area who are of compulsory school age but are:

  • not registered pupils at a school, and
  • not receiving suitable education.

The way this should be done is not set out in law.

Barking and Dagenham Council will always seek to work in partnership with parents and, where requested, will offer basic advice. In order to do this, the Council will ask you to cooperate with the following steps.

  1. The Elective Home Education Officer will seek to meet you to obtain some basic information about your child and the way you intend to provide suitable education.
  2. Once you have made a start, an Adviser will ask to meet you to see how you are getting on. The Adviser will provide basic advice if asked.
  3. The Adviser will ask to see you and your child again in between 3 and 12 months time, depending on how it is going.
  4. After each visit the Adviser will write a brief report, which will be sent to you for comment.
  5. If the Adviser feels that you have not been providing suitable or efficient education, he or she will say so and will offer advice on how to improve.
  6. If, at any point, you decide to return your child to school, the Elective Home Education Officer will assist you.

Attendance Team

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Phone: 020 8227 2711

Email: accessattendance@lbbd.gov.uk