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What can we do about neglected listed buildings? 


Not all listed buildings are cared for by their owners. In certain cases of deliberate neglect or long term vacancy, a listed building is put on the register of Buildings at Risk.

A register is drawn up by English Heritage for Grades I and II*. We also publish a list which includes buildings of all grades.

These bring together information on all listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments known to be at risk from neglect, decay or redundancy.

We monitor Buildings at Risk and seeks long term solutions for neglected, redundant or derelict listed buildings. Some of the buildings are the subject of refurbishment proposals and will be removed from the register when works are complete.

We have legal powers to serve an Urgent Works Notice or Repairs Notice on a listed building owner, requiring repair works to be carried out to prevent further decay.

The notice will specify the works, which are considered reasonably necessary for the preservation of the building.

An Urgent Works Notice is restricted to emergency repairs only, for example works to keep a building wind and weather-proof and secure against vandalism.

A Repairs Notice is not restricted to urgent works and may include works to preserve architectural details but can not be used to restore lost features.

In extreme cases where building owners have not taken reasonable steps to preserve a listed building, we can do the work at the owner's cost or compulsorily purchase a Building at Risk.


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