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Our focus on health
Part of the Council's 'public health' work is to help make healthier choices the easier choice for everyone.  In October and November 2014, we're focusing on: 'at risk' residents who need to get a free flu vaccination; support for people giving up smoking; and an assessment of local pharmacy services.

Flu vaccine 
We are encouraging all residents, especially those in ‘at risk’ groups, to take up a flu vaccination. Your GP will be able to arrange this, or you can find details of pharmacists that offer the vaccination.

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
To find out more and take part in this needs assessment please visit our Needs Assessment page.  The deadline for completing and returning a questionnaire is Monday 3 November.

It's like October, but without the cigarettes...

Join the national challenge: to register and receive your free Stoptober support pack, visit facebook/stoptober or twitter @stoptober.

Go local: for support in Barking and Dagenham; during Stoptober or at any time:

- Call our Specialist stop Smoking Service on 020 8724 8018 or email stopsmoking@lbbd.gov.uk.

'Always on'

The Council is committed to helping residents to lead healthy and active lives, and to promote wellbeing across the whole of life. Barking & Dagenham has some of the highest levels of ill-health in the country, and improving this situation is one of our top priorities.

You can find out more here about our leading role in improving the health of local people, and our joint working with the NHS and other partners. 

Health and Wellbeing Board
The Health and Wellbeing Board brings together health and social care partners with patient representatives to ensure that better services are delivered through joining up the different strands of service provision.  The Board is chaired by the Cabinet Member for Health.

The Council works closely with Barking and Dagenham Clinical Commissioning Group to secure the best possible improvements in the health of the local population.  All local health and social care partners are committed to reducing health inequality, promoting independence, and providing accessible and well-understood services and information.  

Health and Wellbeing Strategy
We have set out our joint priorities in a Health and Wellbeing Strategy running from 2012 to 2015.  This aims to secure improvements in health, and health and social care services, across all stages of life. We have also created a plan on the page for the strategy.

The Strategy was based on a comprehensive assessment of the health, wellbeing and social care needs of the population, which is called a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.  The easy-to-browse website provides a wealth of information on the health needs of local people.
Public Health
The Council runs a range of campaigns to raise awareness of key threats to people’s health, and to support residents in managing their health and wellbeing.  Some of these are locally driven campaigns, others are national campaigns from Public Health England that we ensure are implemented for local people. Go to the Public Health pages for more information about campaigns.

From 1 April 2013, the Council became responsible for leading the local public health system.  Public health is about improving the health of whole populations, and as the leader of the public health ‘system’ locally, the Council can draw on important services that impact on health; such as housing, education, leisure and culture.  Led by the Director of Public Health, you can find out more about some of the priority public health programmes in these pages.

The Director of Public Health's Annual Report 2013 and the Director of Public Health's Annual Report 2012 detail Barking and Dagenham's key issues, challenges and plans.

Public Health papers are published from time to time, most recently this paper on the the borough's Poverty Profile.

Barking and Dagenham Direct

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Phone: 020 8215 3000

Email: 3000direct@lbbd.gov.uk