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The Big Energy Switch 

Housing Strategy 

The Big Energy Switch 

Are you fed up with rising gas and electricity prices? Barking and Dagenham Council is running another collective scheme, just in time for winter.

You can sign up for the Big Energy Switch from 9 May 2014 until 9 June 2014. A tariff will be negotiated with the energy companies. The more people who sign up, the more bargaining power there will be to drive down the price.

You can save money by joining the scheme. Earlier this year the average saving was £111 on annual fuel bills.

Are you interested? Then get more information, or sign up here.
Big Community Switch

Purchasing energy together is much cheaper 

If we purchase energy collectively you will get a better deal. That’s why Barking and Dagenham Council has organised another collective switching scheme for energy.

Switching collectively is easy and safe 

The council negotiates on your behalf and ensures a safe switch if you accept the offer.

How does it work? 

  • You can sign up from today until 9 June 2014, to participate in the Big Energy Switch.
  • You sign up with no obligation and we will inform you about the auction date.
  • If you share your annual consumption details then we can make you an offer suited to your specific situation.
  • In the week after the auction you will receive a personal offer by email and you have a few weeks to decide whether you wish to accept the offer.

How do we get a good deal? 

  • The more people sign up, the greater our purchasing power.
  • Energy suppliers compete to make the best offer in the auction.
  • They determine their bid based on the number of participants.
  • The supplier with the best tariff wins the auction.

The Big Energy Switch

Phone: 020 8227 5503

Email: Tracy.Joyce@lbbd.gov.uk