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Housing Advice Service 


If you have tenancy related issues or are worried that you may become homeless the housing options team are here to help.

The primary focus of the team is to provide you with advice and assistance that will help you maintain your tenancy and prevent homelessness.

There are a number of ways that we will work with you to achieve a suitable outcome, which may include:

  • Helping you to find suitable accommodation in the private rented sector.
  • Ensure that you are made aware of your legal rights
  • Providing Court Advocacy
  • Providing short stay emergency accommodation (limited circumstances). 
  • Helping you to Maintain your current tenancy
  • Advice on how to apply for social housing

The Housing Advice service is located at John Smith House, Bevan Avenue, Barking, Essex IG11 9LL, where you can see a Housing Options officer.

If you become homeless

If the council cannot immediately prevent your homelessness and

1. You are:

  • Not subject to immigration control
  • Homeless or threatened with homelessness within 28 days 
  • In priority need for assistance or a vulnerable person

We may assist you with Temporary Accommodation whilst your application is investigated and all options are explored.

2. Subsequent enquires will assess whether you have:

  • Made yourself homeless intentionally
  • A local connection with this Council

Once your homeless application is assessed

Your homelessness application will be assessed by a Housing Options Officers. Before a final decision is made you may be asked to attend interviews.

If your application is accepted

We will write to you explaining that we have accepted a main housing duty to help you. Whilst you are in temporary accommodation you can:

If your application is accepted but you do not have a local connection with this Council, we may refer you to the Council where you do have a connection. 

If your application is rejected

If your application is not successful and we do not have a main housing duty to you, we will write to you and explain why. We will also send you information, telling you how you can appeal against our decision. The following steps will also be taken:

  1. If you are occupying Temporary Accommodation you will be given reasonable notice and a date to leave
  2. The Council will provide you with advice and assistance to help you find alternative accommodation

If you request a review of your decision

You must do this within 21 days of the date of the decision letter.

You request a review of the decision, you will be contacted by the Policy and Reviews Manager who will carry out an independent review of your application. This review will be completed within 56 working days.

Homelessness Strategy and Review

The Homelessness Strategy is aimed at reducing homelessness and promoting social inclusion. It seeks to address some of the priorities and main concerns of the council's housing strategy in promoting choice and independence.

A strategy for preventing and easing homelessness in Barking and Dagenham 2008-13

Housing Options Team

John Smith House

Bevan Avenue


IG11 9LL


Phone: 020 8724 8323

Email: housingadviceservice@lbbd.gov.uk