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Information for Council Tenants 

Right to Buy 

The right to buy is available to secure council tenants who wish to purchase the home they live in. Communities and Local Government has produced a range of information which is available on this topic such Right to Buy: buying your council home and Right to Buy: summary booklet.

Right to buy documents and application forms

If your secure tenancy was in existence before 18 January 2005, or you were a public sector tenant before 18 January 2005 (and you have been a public sector tenant continuously since that time), you do not have the right to buy until you have spent at least 2 years as a public sector tenant.

Example of a public sector tenancy:
  • This authority
  • Another 'right to buy' landlord
  • Certain public bodies
  • Accommodation provided by the armed forces

For anyone else, you do not have the right to buy until you have spent at least 5 years as public sector tenant.

If the right to buy is accepted, the tenant is entitled to a discount, which will be between 32% to 70% for a house and 44% to 70% for a flat. Maximum discount is £102,700.

Your right to buy your home

A guide for tenants on how to go through the process of buying your home.

The property cannot be purchased if:

  • It is sheltered housing for the elderly, the physically disabled, the mentally ill or mentally disabled. There are special rules in these cases.
  • It is particularly suitable for elderly people and it was let before 1 January 1990 to be lived in by someone aged over 60 or more
  • It is being used as temporary housing until the landlord re-develops it
  • As employee of the landlord (only in some cases)
  • The landlord has rented the property from someone else and has to give it back empty when the owner asks for it

We are required by law to provide information on the process of the right to buy for all our secure tenants.

Home ownership service - Deeds

Where a property has been sold under the right to buy, we do not retain the title deeds.

If you have bought your property with a mortgage or loan, the deeds will be retained by your lender.

Your title deeds are important documents. If you hold the deeds to your property yourself, you should ensure that they are kept in a secure place.

Compensation for improvements

It may be possible for council tenants to get compensation on improvements that they have made to the property, once their tenancy is ending.

The improvement claimed for must be on the qualifying list and the person claiming must qualify under section 99b (2) of the Leasehold Reform (Housing and Urban Development) Act 1993.

Applications must be made 28 days before the termination of the tenancy or before the 14th day after the termination of the tenancy.

A better deal for tenants - Your right to compensation improvements.

Our service to you

Right to buy service standards
This leaflet gives a general overview about how we provide an effective and efficient service to all leaseholders and what you can expect.

Warning about 'right to buy service companies'
We are aware of companies advertising to help tenants buy under the 'right to buy' scheme. Beware companies doing this have the sole aim of exploiting tenants under the pretence of helping.

Contents insurance
We have endorsed a contents insurance package run by Jardine Lloyd Thompson which gives all tenants, leaseholders and right to buy property residents access to contents insurance at a reasonable price.

Independent advice
Independent advice on services, tribunal, solicitors and other financial advice.

Information for Leaseholders

If you have purchased your home and are a leaseholder please visit the Leaseholder information web page for more information


Right to Buy
PO Box 48
RM10 7DE

Telephone: 020 8215 3002
Email: righttobuy@lbbd.gov.uk

Right to Buy

PO Box 48


RM10 7DE


Phone: 020 8215 3002

Email: righttobuy@lbbd.gov.uk