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The Fanshawe family portraits 

Valence House is proud to possess one of the best collections of gentry portraits in the country. The Fanshawe family donated 49 paintings in 1963, followed by a further seven in 2004.
The permanent exhibition is supplemented by temporary themed displays. The current ones are:

Fanshawe women of the English Civil War
Portraits and stories of women such as Lady Ann Fanshawe (above), who left a vivid memoir of the dramatic times of the Civil War.
Until 3 January 2015. Admission free

and Military men of the Fanshawe family 

One branch of the Fanshawe family lived at the Barking manor of Jenkins, covering what is now Mayesbrook Park, while another purchased the manor of Parsloes in Dagenham in 1619. The Fanshawes also owned Valence House and its estate for a while, and played a major role in local society, being Lords of the Manor of Barking from 1630 to 1857. A large family tree in the gallery demonstrates the relationships between the individuals in the portraits.

Over 130 works from the Valence House collection, including Fanshawe family portraits, can be viewed on the BBC Your Paintings website.
Henry Fanshawe (1506-68)

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