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Bay Suspension 

If you are moving home, expecting a delivery, or need access to a specific set of parking bays for another reason, such as tree pruning, you can apply for a parking bay suspension.


  • £25.50 per day - for 5 metres bay space day plus £12.60 administration fees.  
  • £113.00 per week - for 5 metres bay space day plus £12.60 administration fees.

Payment can be made by cheque or postal order only, and such made payable to ‘London Borough of Barking and Dagenham’. Please note that suspensions will not be processed until full payment has been received.
Please note that a week is 5 working days.

Submitting Application 

To apply, you will need to complete an application form.  The form is available online in PDF format for you to download at this link or you can call our Helpline on 020 8215 3005 for a copy.

Parking bay suspensions form

Completed application and payment are to be sent to the “Bay Suspension Processing Team” at the address indicated at the top of this form.


Notice Periods  

In order to provide reasonable notice to other road users, we need to place signs around the parking bays that are going to be suspended.  To allow us to do this, there are notice periods for suspension requests - this range from 5 working days but in some cases a longer period may be required.

Conditions of Application 

  • We will not automatically agree to a parking suspension. Applications must be for a specific date and purpose. 
  • The Council reserves the right to refuse applications where it deems the location unsuitable.
  • Suspensions may be up to 50 meters away from the requested location.
  • Suspension fees are not refundable if cancelled or dates altered due to no fault of the Council.


There are special conditions applicable for filming in the borough. Contact the Film Liaison Officer on 020 8227 2623 before applying for a suspension.

More information available on the Filming web page.

Barking and Dagenham Direct

C/o Civic Centre


RM10 7BN


Phone: 020 8215 3000

Email: 3000direct@lbbd.gov.uk