Hardship payment schemes

Individual Assistance Payment (IAP)

Individual Assistance Payment policy (PDF, 272KB)

Individual Assistance Payment (IAP) is a fund that is intended to alleviate hardship. It allows customers who face a variety of challenges, time to find alternative solutions to shortfalls in income and help with:

  • food and general living costs
  • utility and energy costs
  • essential white goods (ovens/washing machines/fridge freezers)
  • other household items in an emergency only need such as beds & other furniture  

There will be exceptional cases where an IAP is required in the long term; however, it should not be seen as a permanent solution.

The scheme will work with the Homes & Money Hub to support the residents across a broad range of services. This will include referrals of applicants to services such as Job Shop, Budgeting and Debt advice, Adult Learning and any other relevant service as applicable for further advice and ongoing support.

The IAP Scheme will work in conjunction with our Household Support Fund (HSF) & Energy Rebate scheme (ERS). A single claim only needs to be made for support and assistance to be considered from any of these schemes. Consideration will be given, on receipt of either a valid HSF/IAP/ERS application form for support to be awarded through any of these funds as detailed.