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Building control dos and don'ts

How to get it right when planning a building project.


  • get a minimum of 3 quotes for your building project. Prices can vary enormously. Choosing the cheapest option may not always result in the best build quality
  • use a reputable building contractor, preferably one who is a member of a trade association
  • use a written contract. There are a number of simple and inexpensive homeowner building contracts available which are suitable for small domestic building works
  • spend some time planning and designing your building project, in order to avoid making late changes to your design
  • get the full name, address and telephone number of your builder and check they are correct
    Be suspicious of builders who:
    • will not hand out or do not have any business paperwork
    • only have a mobile telephone number
    • will only deal in cash
  • ensure that your builder calls us to the statutory site inspections, as it is in your interest that they do so
  • use an insurance backed warranty, so that there will always be funds available to put the work right. Even the most reputable builders can run into trouble through no fault of their own
  • check to see if the work is covered by the Party Wall Act. If it is, you need so serve a Party Wall Notice on your neighbours at least one or two months before building works starts, depending on the nature of the work


  • deal in cash only. If you must, always get a signed receipt
  • pay large sums of money in advance. If you must, pay only for stages, such as up to foundations, brickwork to first floor, etc
  • take it for granted if your builder says that no local authority consents are required for your work. Always check with your local authority first
  • pay the builder all the money until you are satisfied with the work and you know that it complies with the regulations
  • make alterations to the design on site or to the approved plans unless you have checked with us and the planning department
  • carry out construction work outside of the permitted hours - 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am to 1pm (Saturdays)