Kickstart job scheme for 16-24 year olds

Information for employers who would like to be part of job creation scheme.

The Kickstart job creation scheme for young people has recently been launched by central government, offering funding for employers to create paid 6-month work placements for 16 to 24 year-olds on universal credit. Applications to the scheme must be for a minimum of 30 jobs per application, meaning that for many smaller organisations, their application needs to be made through an intermediary organisation coordinating across a number of different employers.

In Barking and Dagenham, we want to maximise this opportunity for our young people, especially vulnerable to the current economic climate, to access high quality roles that lead to meaningful and sustainable employment, while also reenergising the local economy to help businesses recover from the pandemic.

Barking and Dagenham is ambitious about ensuring that our local economy invests in local people. We have committed to tackling unemployment and low pay by promoting payment of the London Living Wage, securing quality employment, work experience and apprenticeship opportunities with additional consideration for opportunities created for those facing disadvantage in the labour market. 

We are excited about the potential for the Kickstart scheme to support our local businesses and residents at such a devastating economic moment, and are therefore working proactively to encourage and support local businesses to ensure that placements funded by Kickstart are high quality, fairly paid, well supported, and embedded within a strong offer of training and support including onward employment support. We want Kickstart Barking and Dagenham to be a best practice implementation of the scheme at local level.

Applying to Kickstart through LBBD

You can read full available details about the Kickstart scheme on the GOV.UK website.

In summary the funding covers:

  • reimbursement to the employer of the Kickstart employee’s wages up to 25 hours per week, National Minimum Wage (including tax on costs)
  • £1500 per Kickstart employee to cover a wrap-around training and employment support offer which they must be provided with as a condition of the funding

If you are a local employer and wish to apply for Kickstart funding through the council as an intermediary, please email for further information.

We are able to apply on behalf of local employers who:

  • have a minimum of one existing paid staff member
  • can show the Kickstart role/s proposed are additional roles, and not replacing existing posts
  • are willing to sign up to the Best Practice Principles set out above
  • are able to show they will be able initially to sustain the costs of the first months’ wages for the Kickstart Employees, as the funding is awarded one month in arrears by central government

We offer:

  • application for and administration of the funding to reimburse wages
  • support with the initial stages of liaising with the JCP to receive referrals to the Kickstart roles
  • full delivery of the wrap-around employment and training support component that employers are required to provide to Kickstarters as a condition of receiving the funding, consisting of:
    • weekly 1-2-1 sessions for Kickstart employees with a Job Broker during the 1st and 6th month of the placement
    • development of a bespoke peer support, 1-2-1 support and training plan for each Kickstarter, working with the employer to identify any specific training courses that would be appropriate and brokering access to existing / available offers where possible
    • CV and interview support, along with intensive support to find long term employment at the end of the Kickstart placement

Looking for a job through Kickstart

If you are looking for a job and interested in a Kickstart placement please speak with your careers adviser at the Job Centre as all roles will be advertised through them.

LBBD’s approach to Kickstart

As a council, we are:

  • acting as an intermediary organisation for businesses wishing to access this funding scheme, but with fewer than 30 Kickstart roles to offer.
  • working in partnership with the Barking Enterprise Centre who are also acting as an intermediary organisation
  • through our Employment and Skills team in the Job Shops and Adult College, delivering a local wrap-around support offer of training and employment support, available to all local businesses to access on behalf of their Kickstart employees
  • supporting employers wishing to build longer term pathways for Kickstart employees, connecting them through our Employment and Skills teams to apprenticeship funding and courses as well as recruitment support
  • supporting Kickstart employees through our Job Shop advisors to access onward employment and training support
  • collating and promoting information about businesses in the borough who are offering best practice Kickstart placements

In addition, LBBD will be offering a number of Kickstart roles directly, and coordinating a cohort of ‘Green Youth Jobs’ themed around a range Environmental skills together partners and subcontractors.

Local employer commitments

We are inviting all Barking and Dagenham businesses participating in the Kickstart scheme to sign up to the Kickstart Barking and Dagenham Best Practice Principles:

  • commit to working towards become London Living Wage employers, wherever possible topping up the funding provided by Kickstart to pay to Kickstarters the London Living Wage
  • offer high quality roles for Kickstarters that will provide them with a meaningful role in the business
  • work with the council’s Employment and Skills team to give Kickstarters employment support, and support them to access training, as well as progress to onward opportunities after their placement
  • provide Kickstarters with a high quality job reference following successful completion of placement

In addition to these commitments and the basic requirements of the Kickstart funding itself, employers can also opt to build on the Kickstart funding to augment the scheme within their organisation, for example through:

  • using the funding to subsidise full time and/ or longer term roles
  • augmenting the basic training and employment support provision with more bespoke in-house training and/ or accredited training programmes
  • supporting Kickstart employees to progress onto apprenticeships after or during their placement

All employers for whom we or the BEC are acting as an intermediary will be required to sign up to these principles.

We also encourage other organisations and businesses in the borough accessing Kickstart funding through other intermediaries or independently, to consider signing up to these principles. We will be promoting an online register of all businesses in the borough who have signed up to these commitments to showcase the best practice taking place across the borough.