Selective and Mandatory HMO registers

A requirement of the licensing scheme is to have a public register available.

Restricted register

The restricted version of the register can be viewed online.

Selective and Additional Public Register

Unrestricted register

The unrestricted version of the register is available for viewing by visiting the Private Rented Property Licensing Team, open 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (closed on public holidays).

Temporary exemptions

By law we have to keep a register of temporary exemption notices relating to property licensing.

We can serve a temporary exemption notice when the landlord or manager of a property which is required to be licensed, but is not licensed, tells us that they intend to take steps to ensure that the property is no longer required to be licensed. The notice exempts the property from the licence requirements for 3 months from the date of service.

We can serve a second temporary exemption notice providing a further period of 3 months exemption running from the expiry date of the first notice if the landlord/manager notifies us that it is required. There must be exceptional circumstances to justify a second notice.