Corporate procurement

Tendering is a formal competitive bidding process where suppliers compete under strict rules for contracts.

The procedure is used to ensure competition, openness, fairness and accountability.

The Council buys a wide range of products, social care and services, through contracts with numerous suppliers.

Register of contracts

You can see which suppliers we have a formal contract with on the Barking and Dagenham pages of the London Contracts Register:

London Contracts Register

The Register demonstrates the great diversity of the products and services we buy in.

It shows:

  • The goods/service supplied under contract
  • The indicative contract value
  • When the contract is due for renewal

We’re modernising many of our services and the way they are managed

As part of this process our relationship with external organisations is also changing.

We are now using more external goods, works and services, spending about £270 million a year.

Our aim is to support and encourage:

  • Local businesses
  • Voluntary, small to medium enterprises (SME)
  • Black and minority ethnic enterprises (BME)
  • Not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations
View our current tenders

All of the Council’s procurement is managed by the Corporate Procurement Team:

Corporate Procurement
4th Floor, Roycraft House, 15 Linton Road, Barking IG11 8HE

020 8227 5234