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Computers, internet access and Wi-Fi

All our libraries have computers that you can use, internet and wi-fi access and wi-fi printing. We’ve introduced Google Chromeboxes and libraries also have some Windows PCs. All library PCs have scanners connected.

There are power sockets at Barking Library and Dagenham Library. These are limited, so you may need to use your battery pack.

All full library members can use the computers free for up to 2 hours each day. If computers are available, extra time can be bought for £1.20 per hour. Find out how much we charge for guest use and printing.

Under 16s will need a library card and parent or guardian permission to use the computers when they join the library. For non-library members aged over 16, computer use will be charged at £1 for 30 minutes, £2 for 1 hour.

All or libraries have drop in My Account computers to access council services online, and Barking Library and Dagenham Library have several of these.

Our libraries run free IT and basic computer training sessions that are open to all. You can learn how to set up an email address, use the internet and how to set up and use MyAccount.

Wireless printing from any device and collect from LBBD libraries

Find that you need to print a document? You can now print from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile) using your web based e-mail account.

What you will need:

  • an internet connection (wi-fi, 4G or 3G)
  • a web based email address such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo

What to do to print:

  1. Open up your web based email account and create a new message
  2. Attach the documents you wish to print to this message
  3. Send to 
  4. You will receive an email message from EOne print 
  5. Open this message to reveal your unique 6-digit release code. Keep a note of this code or message as you will need this for your documents to be printed
  6. Go to any Barking and Dagenham Library (except Marks Gate) and give the code to a member of staff who will release your prints

If you just want to print an email message, simply forward that message to and continue from step 4 above.