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Converting roof space

Converting the roof space of a property is a major structural alteration.

You will need to apply under the building regulations if you are converting the roof space to provide an extra room.

You do not have to apply if:

  • you're converting the roof space to store lightweight items such as general household items and
  • if access to the area is by a ladder and not by a new staircase and
  • you're not removing any roof timbers

You'll need to apply under the building regulations if you are planning to convert your roof space for anything other than light storage.

Telling the council

Building regulations are enforced by the council to make sure that buildings are built and altered to acceptable standards to protect people from fire. A completion certificate will be issued when the work has been completed to a good enough standard. If any work has been carried out without approval, future property sales could be affected.

Roof-space conversions can be complicated work. They should be designed and built by people who are aware of the health and safety issues for people who use the building. You should send us your roof conversion plans to check using the full plan application form.

Building Control Services

Emails are monitored daily during the working week. If you need to talk to us sending a request for a call back from a member of the admin team or a surveyor is the best method.