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Corporate procurement

Tendering is a formal competitive bidding process where suppliers compete under strict rules for contracts.

The procedure is used to ensure competition, openness, fairness and accountability.

The council buys a wide range of products, social care and services, through contracts with numerous suppliers.

Register of contracts

You can see which suppliers we have a formal contract with on our contracts register:

Contracts Register - October 2021 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - September 2021 (XLSX, 36KB)

Contracts Register - August 2021 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - July 2021 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - June 2021 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - May 2021 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - April 2021 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - March 2021 (XLSX, 38KB)

Contracts Register - February 2021 (XLSX, 36KB)

Contracts Register - January 2021 (XLSX, 39KB)

Contracts Register - December 2020 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - November 2020 (XLSX, 39KB)

Contracts Register - October 2020 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - September 2020 (XLSX, 38KB)

Contracts Register - August 2020 (XLSX, 37KB)

Contracts Register - July 2020 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - June 2020 (XLSX, 40KB)

Contracts Register - May 2020 (XLSX, 41KB)

Contracts Register - April 2020 (XLSX, 41KB)

Contracts Register - March 2020 (XLSX, 42KB)

Contracts Register - February 2020 (XLSX, 42KB)

Contracts Register - January 2020 (XLSX, 41KB)

Contracts Register - December 2019 (XLSX, 30KB)

Contracts Register - November 2019 (XLSX, 30KB)

Contracts Register - October 2019 (XLSX, 32KB)

Contracts Register - September 2019 (XLSX, 31KB)

Contracts Register - August 2019 (XLSX, 31KB)

Contracts Register - July 2019 (XLSX, 30KB)

Contracts Register - June 2019 (XLSX, 31KB)

Contracts Register - May 2019 (XLSX, 32KB)

Contracts Register - April 2019 (XLSX, 31KB)

Contracts Register - March 2019 (XLSX, 30KB)

Contracts Register - February 2019 (XLSX, 33KB)

Contracts Register - January 2019 (XLSX, 33KB)

Contracts Register - December 2018 (XLSX, 34KB)

Contracts Register - November 2018 (XLSX, 34KB)

Contracts Register - October 2018 (XLSX, 33KB)

Contracts Register - September 2018 (XLSX, 34KB)

Contracts Register - August 2018 (XLSX, 32KB)

Contracts Register - July 2018 (XLSX, 33KB)

Contracts Register - June 2018 (XLSX, 33KB)

Contracts Register - May 2018 (XLSX, 32KB)

Contracts Register - April 2018 (XLSX, 29KB)

The register demonstrates the great diversity of the products and services we buy in.

It shows:

  • the goods/service supplied under contract
  • the indicative contract value
  • when the contract is due for renewal

We’re modernising many of our services and the way they're managed. As part of this process our relationship with external organisations is also changing.

We're now using more external goods, works and services, spending about £270 million a year.

Our aim is to support and encourage:

  • local businesses
  • voluntary, small to medium enterprises (SME)
  • black and minority ethnic enterprises (BME)
  • not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations

View our current tenders

All of the council’s procurement is managed by the Corporate Procurement Team

Adults and Community Services and Children’s procurement Toggle accordion

Decisions made in Adult and Children’s Commissioning often mean that we have to tender services. This means inviting external organisations to show that they can provide specific services at the quality and price that the council requires.

Procurement and contracts review teams

The procurement and contracts review teams support and advise colleagues in the procurement, contract management, monitoring and review of adult and children’s services for social care and supporting people.

They work closely with:

  • voluntary organisations
  • private companies
  • the NHS
  • other public and local authorities

If you would like to submit a tender

Please follow these steps:

  1. Please follow the instructions outlined in the advert to request an application form and a brief description of the work to be procured.
  2. If you think you can supply the service, return the application form and all information requested by the return date.
  3. You will be advised if your application is successful and a full invitation to tender sent to you.
  4. This will contain full details of the tendering requirements including instructions on how and when to return your bid. You must follow these instructions exactly or your bid may be rejected.

Make sure you do:

  • follow the instructions
  • provide all the information asked for
  • ask if you are in doubt
  • use the tender reply label

Make sure you don’t:

  • amend the documents or change the way in which you are asked to provide the information
  • mark the tender return envelope in any way to show any indication of your name
  • send in pages or books or unnecessary documentation

If you have any queries please contact us:

Adult Commissioning


Children's Commissioning


Oracle iSupplier – Information about supplying goods and services to LBBD Toggle accordion

At the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, we're always looking at ways in which to enhance and improve our working relationship with our existing suppliers.

As a key part of these aims we're currently rolling out the Oracle iSupplier Portal.

This will enable our suppliers to:

  • view and receive purchase orders
  • view purchase order amendments
  • submit invoices electronically
  • view on the status of invoice approvals and payments

How the iSupplier Portal will benefit suppliers

There are several benefits associated with the portal which should enhance the way existing suppliers transact with the council, including:

  • the system enables suppliers to view and submit transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • the system is designed around a “self-service” approach, is very easy to use and there are no special hardware or software requirements other than being able to access the internet through Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers
  • the portal permits the online secure and real-time sharing of information between the council and its suppliers
  • increased transparency through the Purchase to Pay Cycle
  • reduced processing times for invoices and payments
  • reduced need to contact the Barking & Dagenham Accounts Payable Team

Signing up to use the Oracle iSupplier Portal is quick and easy.

If you are an existing supplier please complete the iSupplier user form:

LBBD iSupplier Invitation (DOCX, 769.70 KB)

iSupplier user manual

LBBD iSupplier user manual (PDF, 1.3 MB)

For further details contact:

Procurement & Accounts Payable Team

0208 227 2263


Purchase Order terms and conditions Toggle accordion

These terms and conditions will apply unless LBBD specifies different terms and conditions in its tender or quotation documentation or some other contract entered into by the parties.

If different terms and conditions are specified by LBBD those terms and conditions will override the purchase order terms and conditions and will apply instead of these.

Purchase Order terms and conditions (PDF, 76KB)

Procurement rules, regulations and procedures

Our tendering processes are regulated by:

  • European Union procurement directives
  • our own contract rules

The contract rules apply to expenditure below a threshold set by the European Union.

Generally, all contracts over £50,000 are subject to competitive tender. The contract rules also lay down strict rules for how tenders must be received by us, and how our officers must deal with the tenders received.

There are minimum procedures that employees have to follow when making purchases on behalf of the council. The procedures are grouped into three categories, depending on how much is being spent.

Low value - Class A contracts

For low-value contracts, usually with expenditure of less than £10,000:

  • employees should always use our corporate contracts if they exist
  • staff should either place an official order using our online Purchase Order System or use Purchase Cards
  • employees should try to secure value for money by obtaining and documenting three price quotes, except for incidental items of very low value

Medium value - Class B contracts

For contracts with expenditure of between £10,000 and £50,000, our employees must:

  • always use our corporate contracts if they exist
  • obtain at least three competitive quotations and get confirmation in writing of price, goods or service
  • assess quotations and accept the best-value whole-life price
  • place an official order with the successful supplier (including the quoted price and terms and conditions) using our online Purchase Order System (unless using Purchase Cards)
  • ensure where possible that our terms and conditions are adopted, and emphasise that no invoice will be paid unless our official order number is quoted unless using Purchase Cards

High value - Class C contracts

With offers invited for contracts with an estimated value of more than £50,000:

  • six firms are usually invited by advertisement (or for construction-related contracts through Constructionline)
  • all contracts with a value of over £50,000 will be exposed to a formal competitive tendering process
  • contracts that exceed the EU thresholds are subject to the regulations of the European Procurement Directive

Advertising contracts Toggle accordion

The council is required to advertise tender opportunities in order to introduce competition and secure best value.

We will usually advertise these opportunities on our Tendering page.

For lower-value contracts below the EU procurement thresholds, we also advertise on the Contracts Finder website.

If there is a niche or specialist requirement, the council will also place an advertisement in relevant trade publications.

EU procurement thresholds

For contracts that exceed the EU procurement thresholds, all purchasing within the public sector must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union(OJEU).

These contracts are open to competition across the whole of Europe, to aid the free movement of goods and services in the EU.

When contracts are subject to the EU Procurement Directives, the council is subject to regulations in order to ensure that contracts are awarded in an open, transparent and non-discriminatory way.

The current EU procurement thresholds are:

  • Services contracts: £181,302
  • Supplies contracts: £181,302
  • Works contracts: £4,551,413
  • Social Services contracts: £615,278

Schools procurement Toggle accordion

Most schools in the borough have responsibility for their individual budgets, so they don’t have to use the council’s corporate contracts.

Many schools use the council contracts because they feel that they offer good value for money. Others decide on their own purchasing arrangements.

Educational construction or building services-related work will generally come under the council’s Construction Framework Agreement or one of our building services contracts, such as catering equipment maintenance, or mechanical or electrical maintenance services.

Construction Framework Agreements Toggle accordion


“A framework is an agreement with suppliers to establish terms governing contracts that may be awarded during the life of the agreement.
In other words, it is a general term for agreements that set out terms and conditions for making specific purchases (call-offs).” Constructing Excellence.

The council utilises framework agreements to speed up the procurement of capital works and reduces the high cost of tendering for individual projects by:

  • removing the requirement to advertise projects through the Official Journal of the European Union
  • removing the need for lengthy pre-qualification processes
  • promoting early involvement by contractors
  • introducing mini-competition between relevant contractors
  • promoting consistency, because the same contractors are able to bid for various projects
  • reducing the time to undertake the tender process

The procurement of capital construction projects and professional construction consultancy services are predominantly let through the council’s construction framework agreements and are procured and delivered through the council’s Capital Commissioning and Delivery section.

These long-term arrangements (up to a maximum of four years) also allow the council to meet and monitor its targets with regard to:

  • key performance indicators
  • health and safety
  • equality and diversity
  • environmental targets and carbon emissions
  • risk management
  • cost and time predictability

They also give the contractors incentives to offer local labour, training and apprenticeship opportunities.
For further details on the use of these framework agreements please contact the Capital Commissioning and Delivery section.

Capital Commissioning and Delivery

Stephen Howells - Frameworks and Contracts Manager


The council operates five construction framework arrangements for the delivery of capital construction projects:

  1. Major Construction Works - Education and Built Environment (contractors)
  2. Housing New Build (contractors)
  3. Housing Refurbishment (contractors)
  4. Low Value Construction Works (contractors)
  5. Construction Related Professional Services (consultancies)

Major construction works

The Major Construction Works Framework Agreement covers the council’s non-housing construction requirements including education and the built environment and currently consists of two separate lots:

  1. All non-housing construction work with a value between £50,000 and £2,000,000
  2. All non-housing construction with a value over £2,000,000

This framework expired in April 2016 and was also available for access by those other local authorities comprising the East London Solutions Group:

  • Havering
  • Newham
  • Redbridge
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest

Housing new build

The Housing New Build Framework Agreement encompasses the council’s new build housing construction requirements and consists of two separate lots:

  1. All new build housing construction work with a value below £2,500,000
  2. All new build construction with a value over £2,500,000

This framework expires October 2019 and is available for access by those other local authorities comprising the East London Solutions Group:

  • Havering
  • Newham
  • Redbridge
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest

And additionally the London boroughs of:

  • Greenwich
  • Bexley

Plus unitary authorities and councils in the county of Essex.

Housing refurbishment

The Housing Refurbishment Framework Agreement covers the refurbishment of the council’s housing stock consisting of both Decent Homes work and other housing refurbishment works:

  1. All new build housing construction work with a value below £2,500,000
  2. All new build construction with a value over £2,500,000

This framework expired June 2016 and was also available for access by those other local authorities comprising the East London Solutions Group:Havering;

  • Havering
  • Newham
  • Redbridge
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest

Low value construction works

The Low Value Construction Works Framework Agreement will cover the council’s low value general building requirements with a project value between £50,000 and £500,000.

Construction related professional services

The Professional Construction Related Services framework agreement is for the appointment of professional construction consultancy requirements consisting of 10 lots:

  1. Architectural Services - Education and General
  2. Architectural Services - Housing
  3. Building Services Engineers
  4. Construction Health and Safety Advisor (CDM-C 2015)
  5. Civil Engineers
  6. Cost Consultants
  7. Project Management
  8. Structural Engineers
  9. Surveying Services
  10. Quality Inspector

This framework expires August 2019 and is available for access by those other local authorities comprising the East London Solutions Group:

  • Havering
  • Newham
  • Redbridge
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest

And additionally the London boroughs of:

  • Greenwich
  • Bexley

Plus unitary authorities and councils in the county of Essex.

Payments over £250 and £500

Since December 2010, we have published details of any payments we make to suppliers exceeding a value of £500.

Since July 2012 we have published payments over £250.

Details of these payments are available in the below sections.

How the payments are listed

The information we publish is drawn from the council’s Financial Management system and has been prepared in CSV, Excel and PDF formats.

Each document contains several columns of data:

Date paid

The date on which the payment was made.

Vendor name

The name of the supplier paid. For Data Protection reasons, the names of some suppliers and payees have been replaced with the word ‘Redacted’.

Vendor type

The suppliers that we pay are categorised into different types of supplier e.g. commercial supplier, legal services provider, voluntary organisation.

Department and division

The name of the department or council division that incurred the expense.

Cost centre and subjective description

Descriptions from our accounting system that help end-users to understand what type of commodity or service was procured.

Amount paid

The amount paid is inclusive of VAT.

If you have any enquiries concerning the data, please contact us.

2021 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

September 2021

Amounts paid - September 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 780KB)

Amounts paid - September 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 290KB)

Amounts paid - September 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 720KB)

August 2021

Amounts paid - August 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 700KB)

Amounts paid - August 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 280KB)

Amounts paid - August 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 600KB)

July 2021

Amounts paid - July 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 670KB)

Amounts paid - July 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 240KB)

Amounts paid - July 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 560KB)

June 2021

Amounts paid - June 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 670KB)

Amounts paid - June 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 240KB)

Amounts paid - June 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 560KB)

May 2021

Amounts paid - May 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 670KB)

Amounts paid - May 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 240KB)

Amounts paid - May 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 560KB)

April 2021

Amounts paid - April 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 670KB)

Amounts paid - April 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 250KB)

Amounts paid - April 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 400KB)

March 2021

Amounts paid - March 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 1MB)

Amounts paid - March 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 355KB)

Amounts paid - March 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 859KB)

February 2021

Amounts paid - February 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 779KB)

Amounts paid - February 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 274KB)

Amounts paid - February 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 441KB)

January 2021

Amounts paid - January 2021 (CSV) (CSV, 782KB)

Amounts paid - January 2021 (Excel) (XLS, 267KB)

Amounts paid - January 2021 (PDF) (PDF, 422KB)

2020 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

December 2020

Amounts paid - December 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 785KB)

Amounts paid - December 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 274KB)

Amounts paid - December 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 434KB)

November 2020

Amounts paid - November 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 766KB)

Amounts paid - November 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 268KB)

Amounts paid - November 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 639KB)

October 2020

Amounts paid - October 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 886KB)

Amounts paid - October 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 299KB)

Amounts paid - October 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 471KB)

September 2020

Amounts paid - September 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 839KB)

Amounts paid - September 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 245KB)

Amounts paid - September 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 394KB)

August 2020

Amounts paid - August 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 703KB)

Amounts paid - August 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 245KB)

Amounts paid - August 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 394KB)

July 2020

Amounts paid - July 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 798KB)

Amounts paid - July 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 275KB)

Amounts paid - July 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 443KB)

June 2020

Amounts paid - June 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 825KB)

Amounts paid - June 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 281KB)

Amounts paid - June 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 458KB)

May 2020

Amounts paid - May 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 816KB)

Amounts paid - May 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 273KB)

Amounts paid - May 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 441KB)

April 2020

Amounts paid - April 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 807KB)

Amounts paid - April 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 274KB)

Amounts paid - April 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 449KB)

March 2020

Amounts paid - March 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 1MB)

Amounts paid - March 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 346KB)

Amounts paid - March 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 827KB)

February 2020

Amounts paid - February 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 797KB)

Amounts paid - February 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 272KB)

Amounts paid - February 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 600KB)

January 2020

Amounts paid - January 2020 (CSV) (CSV, 897KB)

Amounts paid - January 2020 (Excel) (XLS, 308KB)

Amounts paid - January 2020 (PDF) (PDF, 697KB)

2019 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

December 2019

Amounts paid December 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 925KB)

Amounts paid December 2019 (Excel) (XLS, 315KB)

Amounts paid December 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 573KB)

November 2019

Amounts paid November 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 861KB)

Amounts paid November 2019 (Excel) (XLS, 283KB)

Amounts paid November 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 630KB)

October 2019

Amounts paid - October 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 850KB)

Amounts paid - October 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 303KB)

Amounts paid - October 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 655KB)

September 2019

Amounts paid - September 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 888KB)

Amounts paid - September 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 311KB)

Amounts paid - September 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 684KB)

August 2019

Amounts paid - August 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 843KB)

Amounts paid - August 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 290KB)

Amounts paid - August 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 665KB)

July 2019

Amounts paid - July 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 704KB)

Amounts paid - July 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 236KB)

Amounts paid - July 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 522KB)

June 2019

Amounts paid - June 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 704KB)

Amounts paid - June 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 236KB)

Amounts paid - June 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 522KB)

May 2019

Amounts paid - May 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 913KB)

Amounts paid - May 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 319KB)

Amounts paid - May 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 702KB)

April 2019

Amounts paid - April 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 755KB)

Amounts paid - April 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 263KB)

Amounts paid - April 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 569KB)

March 2019

Amounts paid - March 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 948KB)

Amounts paid - March 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 321KB)

Amounts paid - March 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 683KB)

February 2019

Amounts paid - February 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 803KB)

Amounts paid - February 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 288KB)

Amounts paid - February 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 624KB)

January 2019

Amounts paid - January 2019 (CSV) (CSV, 792KB)

Amounts paid - January 2019 (Excel) (XLSX, 263KB)

Amounts paid - January 2019 (PDF) (PDF, 637KB)

2018 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

December 2018

Amounts paid December 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 763KB)

Amounts paid December 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 249KB)

Amounts paid December 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 584KB)

November 2018

Amounts paid November 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 867KB)

Amounts paid November 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 278KB)

Amounts paid November 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 407KB)

October 2018

Amounts paid October 2018 (CSV) (CSV,777.00KB)

Amounts paid October 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 316.00KB)

Amounts paid October 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 729.00KB)

September 2018

Amounts paid September 2018 (CSV) (CSV,747.00KB)

Amounts paid September 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 252.00KB)

Amounts paid September 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 548.00KB)

August 2018

Amounts paid August 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 837.00KB)

Amounts paid August 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 282.00KB)

Amounts paid August 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 614.00KB)

July 2018

Amounts paid July 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 810.00KB)

Amounts paid July 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 264.00KB)

Amounts paid July 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 589.00KB)

June 2018

Amounts paid June 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 894.00KB)

Amounts paid June 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 287.00KB)

Amounts paid June 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 2.10MB)

May 2018

Amounts paid May 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 795.00KB)

Amounts paid May 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 264.00KB)

Amounts paid May 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 558.00KB)

April 2018

Amounts paid April 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 759.00KB)

Amounts paid April 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 249.00KB)

Amounts paid April 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 564.00KB)

March 2018

Amounts paid - March 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 1,015.31KB)

Amounts paid - March 2018 (Excel) (XLS, 896.00KB)

Amounts paid - March 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 624.77KB)

February 2018

Amounts paid - February 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 939.64KB)

Amounts paid - February 2018 (Excel) (XLSX, 262.82KB)

Amounts paid - February 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 591.33KB)

January 2018

Amounts paid - January 2018 (CSV) (CSV, 715.73KB)

Amounts paid - January 2018 (Excel) (XLSX, 205.59KB)

Amounts paid - January 2018 (PDF) (PDF, 457.22KB)

2017 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

December 2017

Amounts paid - December 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 808.08KB)

Amounts paid - December 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 240.59KB)

Amounts paid - December 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 602.05KB)

November 2017

Amounts paid - November 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 837.45KB)

Amounts paid - November 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 253.80KB)

Amounts paid - November 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 630.96KB)

October 2017

Amounts paid - October 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 866.09KB)

Amounts paid - October 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 257.94KB)

Amounts paid - October 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 560.80KB)

September 2017

Amounts paid - September 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 796.69KB)

Amounts paid - September 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 252.18KB)

Amounts paid - September 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 405.40KB)

August 2017

Amounts paid - August 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 857.81KB)

Amounts paid - August 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 256.66KB)

Amounts paid - August 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 597.71KB)

July 2017

Amounts paid - July 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 776.02KB)

Amounts paid - July 2017 (Excel) (XLS, 740.50KB)

Amounts paid - July 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 599.76KB)

June 2017

Amounts paid - June 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 851.37KB)

Amounts paid - June 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 252.32KB)

Amounts paid - June 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 599.88KB)

May 2017

Amounts paid - May 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 843.12KB)

Amounts paid - May 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 858.50KB)

Amounts paid - May 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 615.00KB)

April 2017

Amounts paid - April 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 743.03KB)

Amounts paid - April 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 232.16KB)

Amounts paid - April 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 521.95KB)

March 2017

Amounts paid - March 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 954.27KB)

Amounts paid - March 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 286.82KB)

Amounts paid - March 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 793.19KB)

February 2017

Amounts paid - February 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 865.00KB)

Amounts paid - February 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 254.41KB)

Amounts paid - February 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 609.81KB)

January 2017

Amounts paid - January 2017 (CSV) (CSV, 673.08KB)

Amounts paid - January 2017 (Excel) (XLSX, 204.32KB)

Amounts paid - January 2017 (PDF) (PDF, 524.28KB)

2016 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

December 2016

Amounts paid - December 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 864.57KB)

Amounts paid - December 2016 (Excel) (XLSX, 247.07KB)

Amounts paid - December 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 685.15KB)

November 2016

Amounts paid - November 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 944.34KB)

Amounts paid - November 2016 (Excel) (XLS, 901.00KB)

Amounts paid - November 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 669.09KB)

October 2016

Amounts paid - October 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 790.66KB)

Amounts paid - October 2016 (Excel) (XLSX, 221.08KB)

Amounts paid - October 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 518.82KB)

September 2016

Amounts paid - September 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 874.50KB)

Amounts paid - September 2016 (Excel) (XLS, 790.50KB)

Amounts paid - September 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 609.59KB)

August 2016

Amounts paid - August 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 780.43 KB)

Amounts paid - August 2016 (Excel) (XLS, 709.00 KB)

Amounts paid - August 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 523.82 KB)

July 2016

Amounts paid - July 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 917.51KB)

Amounts paid - July 2016 (Excel) (XLS, 806.00KB)

Amounts paid - July 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 634.88KB)

June 2016

Amounts paid - June 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 852.17KB)

Amounts paid - June 2016 (Excel) (XLS, 783.50KB)

Amounts paid - June 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 585.69KB)

May 2016

Amounts paid - May 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 869.86KB)

Amounts paid - May 2016 (Excel) (XLSX, 258.80KB)

Amounts paid - May 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 425.18KB)

April 2016

Amounts paid - April 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 896.61KB)

Amounts paid - April 2016 (Excel) (XLSX, 269.47KB)

Amounts paid - April 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 447.25KB)

March 2016

Amounts paid - March 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 1,005.19KB)

Amounts paid - March 2016 (Excel) (XLSX, 295.78KB)

Amounts paid - March 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 498.34KB)

February 2016

Amounts paid - February 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 848.08KB)

Amounts paid - February 2016 (Excel) (XLS, 765.00KB)

Amounts paid - February 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 412.40KB)

January 2016

Amounts paid - January 2016 (CSV) (CSV, 730.43KB)

Amounts paid - January 2016 (Excel) (XLS, 667.50KB)

Amounts paid - January 2016 (PDF) (PDF, 365.76KB)

2015 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

December 2015

Amounts paid - December 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.48MB)

Amounts paid - December 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.62MB)

Amounts paid - December 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 531.24KB)

November 2015

Amounts paid - November 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.13MB)

Amounts paid - November 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.42MB)

Amounts paid - November 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 435.49KB)

October 2015

Amounts paid - October 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.28MB)

Amounts paid - October 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.44MB)

Amounts paid - October 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 446.05KB)

September 2015

Amounts paid - September 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.20MB)

Amounts paid - September 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.37MB)

Amounts paid - September 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 406.27KB)

August 2015

Amounts paid - August 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.17MB)

Amounts paid - August 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.35MB)

Amounts paid - August 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 388.62KB)

July 2015

Amounts paid - July 2015 (CSV) (XLSX, 490.59KB)

Amounts paid - July 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.89MB)

Amounts paid - July 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 649.92KB)

June 2015

Amounts paid - June 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.25MB)

Amounts paid - June 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.84MB)

Amounts paid - June 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 473.62KB)

May 2015

Amounts paid - May 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.07MB)

Amounts paid - May 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.69MB)

Amounts paid - May 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 384.02KB)

April 2015

Amounts paid - April 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.41MB)

Amounts paid - April 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 994.00KB)

Amounts paid - April 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 556.39KB)

March 2015

Amounts paid - March 2015 (CSV) (XLS, 1.87MB)

Amounts paid - March 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.87MB)

Amounts paid - March 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 499.22KB)

February 2015

Amounts paid - February 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.18MB)

Amounts paid - February 2015 (Excel) (XLS, 1.79MB)

Amounts paid - February 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 427.46KB)

January 2015

Amounts paid - January 2015 (CSV) (CSV, 1.15MB)

Amounts paid - January 2015 (Excel) (XLSX, 439.72KB)

Amounts paid - January 2015 (PDF) (PDF, 405.86KB)

2014 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

December 2014

Amounts paid - December 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 866.73KB)

Amounts paid - December 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 801.00KB)

Amounts paid - December 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 3.95MB)

November 2014

Amounts paid - November 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 688.21KB)

Amounts paid - November 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 611.50KB)

Amounts paid - November 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 2.97MB)

October 2014

Amounts paid - October 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 1.25MB)

Amounts paid - October 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 1.11MB)

Amounts paid - October 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 5.70MB)

September 2014

Amounts paid - September 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 945.77KB)

Amounts paid - September 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 847.50KB)

Amounts paid - September 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 4.23MB)

August 2014

Amounts paid - August 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 538.30KB)

Amounts paid - August 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 527.00KB)

Amounts paid - August 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 2.19MB)

July 2014

Amounts paid - July 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 226.53KB)

Amounts paid - July 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 357.50KB)

Amounts paid - July 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 1.61MB)

June 2014

Amounts paid - June 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 309.76KB)

Amounts paid - June 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 468.50KB)

Amounts paid - June 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 2.15MB)

May 2014

Amounts paid - May 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 245.42KB)

Amounts paid - May 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 383.50KB)

Amounts paid - May 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 1.73MB)

April 2014

Amounts paid - April 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 291.94KB)

Amounts paid - April 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 452.00KB)

Amounts paid - April 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 2.06MB)

March 2014

Amounts paid - March 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 332.19KB)

Amounts paid - March 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 558.50KB)

Amounts paid - March 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 1.10MB)

February 2014

Amounts paid - February 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 269.93KB)

Amounts paid - February 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 425.00KB)

Amounts paid - February 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 921.53KB)

January 2014

Amounts paid - January 2014 (CSV) (CSV, 293.23KB)

Amounts paid - January 2014 (Excel) (XLS, 462.00KB)

Amounts paid - January 2014 (PDF) (PDF, 1.03MB)

2013 Amounts paid Toggle accordion

December 2013

Amounts paid - December 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 290.45KB)

Amounts paid - December 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 472.50KB)

Amounts paid - December 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.01MB)

November 2013

Amounts paid - November 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 273.05KB)

Amounts paid - November 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 426.50KB)

Amounts paid - November 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.90MB)

October 2013

Amounts paid - October 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 301.43KB)

Amounts paid - October 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 466.50KB)

Amounts paid - October 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 2.10MB)

September 2013

Amounts paid - September 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 417.12KB)

Amounts paid - September 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 752.50KB)

Amounts paid - September 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.93MB)

August 2013

Amounts paid - August 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 272.84KB)

Amounts paid - August 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 427.50KB)

Amounts paid - August 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.91MB)

July 2013

Amounts paid - July 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 283.99KB)

Amounts paid - July 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 436.50KB)

Amounts paid - July 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.96MB)

June 2013

Amounts paid - June 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 269.73KB)

Amounts paid - June 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 424.00KB)

Amounts paid - June 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.90MB)

May 2013

Amounts paid - May 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 244.24KB)

Amounts paid - May 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 391.50KB)

Amounts paid - May 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.74MB)

April 2013

Amounts paid - April 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 280.51KB)

Amounts paid - April 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 442.50KB)

Amounts paid - April 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.98MB)

March 2013

Amounts paid - March 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 311.91KB)

Amounts paid - March 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 482.50KB)

Amounts paid - March 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.04MB)

February 2013

Amounts paid - February 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 220.14KB)

Amounts paid - February 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 338.50KB)

Amounts paid - February 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.45MB)

January 2013

Amounts paid - January 2013 (CSV) (CSV, 195.49KB)

Amounts paid - January 2013 (Excel) (XLS, 282.00KB)

Amounts paid - January 2013 (PDF) (PDF, 1.29MB)

Amounts Paid by Purchase Card

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