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Council Tax help

My Account helps you to manage your Council Tax by allowing you to:

  • view details of your account
  • set up a direct debit to pay your council tax
  • change your direct debit bank account details
  • apply for a single person’s discount

You will still receive all your Council Tax bills through the post.

Before you can view your Council Tax records you must have received a Council Tax bill from us.

If you are a new resident liable for Council Tax, you can tell us online and we will update our records and send you a bill.

Register or log in to MyAccount

Registering for more than one Council Tax account

Once you have registered to gain online access to one Council Tax account, you’ll find a link to add another account in the Council Tax menu.

Council Tax accounts in more than one name

Each person wishing to access their Council Tax account will need to register independently before they can view their information. They should enter only their name as it appears on the council tax account.

Viewing your Council Tax records Toggle accordion

Before you can view your Council Tax records you will need to have received a Council Tax bill from us.

If you are a new resident liable for Council Tax, you can tell us online and we will update our records and send you a bill.

Once you register for access to Council Tax information via My Account, Council Tax will be added to the menu of your My Account homepage.

If you select this, the menu will expand to include:

  • Manage account — opens up your Council Tax account information that we have made available online
  • Add another account — if you have more than one Council Tax account you can register additional accounts here

If the system says it can’t find your details, please check that you have entered the requested information exactly as it appears on your council tax bill.

To register to view a Council Tax account online you must be one of the people whose name appears on the account.

Account number

Your Council Tax account number is shown on your bill, or on any statement or recovery notice, such as reminder notice, we have sent you. The number is of eight digits and will always start with 8.

Bank sort code

Your bank sort code is a six-digit number in the format nn-nn-nn (eg 20-53-06).

You can find it on your cheque book, bank statement.

National Insurance number

National Insurance numbers are issued by HM Revenue and Customs. You can apply for a National Insurance number if you don’t have one or find your National Insurance number if you’ve lost it.

Account summary Toggle accordion

These terms appear in Account Summary in your MyAccount.

Latest notice period

The latest notice period refers only to the Council Tax you owe for the current year, from 1 April to 31 March.

If you moved in to your property after 1 April or moved out before 31 March, it refers only to that part of the year for which you are liable, assuming you told us about your move.

Your first three instalments are shown in the latest notice period section but if you select + you will see the rest.

Total balance outstanding

This figure shows the total Council Tax you owe for the current year, as well as any arrears outstanding.

Anything you may owe for an earlier period will not be included in the balance outstanding.

Details of billing period

Selecting 'details of billing period' shows the latest three periods that make up your account balance.

Selecting + displays any earlier periods.

The year 01/04/2017 means the period 01/04/2017 to 31/03/2018, the year 01/04/2016 means the year 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017 etc.


This will show details of any repayment arrangements you have made with us if you have arrears or have lost the right to pay by instalments for the current financial year.

The first three instalments due under each arrangement are shown automatically, selecting + will display the rest.

Details of your discounts and exemptions

If a discount or exemption has been applied to your Council Tax account, this will give the period of each one and a description for the discount or exemption.

Details of property

This shows:

It also has details of each Council Tax band.

Other Council Tax options Toggle accordion

The following options help you to manage your Council Tax.

View/update my payment method

This gives you the details of your current method of payment, and allows you to set up a direct debit or change your bank account details if you are already paying by direct debit.

Apply for a single person discount

If you live on your own you are entitled to a 25% discount off your council tax bill; this button allows you to apply online.

Joint refund form

Council Tax - Joint refund form (PDF, 113.76 KB)


Council Tax declaration Toggle accordion


  • I declare that the details contained in the form are true to the best of my knowledge
  • I agree that the council may make any necessary enquiries to verify the information submitted
  • I will also undertake to notify the council immediately of any changes in my circumstances or status which could result in changes to my council tax liability

Data protection

The council has a statutory duty to manage public funds properly and may use the information which you have provided on this form for the prevention and detection of fraud.

Information provided by you will be used to ensure that all sums due to the council are paid in a timely manner, for example, by identifying persons who are non-payers of council tax and improving the uptake of benefits.

This information may be shared with other bodies, including neighbouring councils, or bodies which are responsible for auditing or administering public funds