Pharmaceutical needs assessment 2018-21

We asked for your opinion on pharmacy services in the borough over the next three years. A pharmaceutical needs assessment helps ensure everyone in Barking and Dagenham has access to a pharmacy and the services they provide. The assessment provides information on what services are currently provided in the borough, what changes may occur in the future and if there are any gaps in coverage.

The data contained in the report was deemed to be correct at the time it was collected, but it should be noted that pharmacy provision is a changing and fluid service and we are aware that since the report was compiled, there are pharmacies that have closed, or changed their services, though these changes are minimal.

It should also be noted that Pharmacy in Riverside is an evolving situation, being part of the Barking Riverside regeneration scheme and services are in a state of development as the regeneration project progresses.

Pharmaceutical needs assessment

What you think of pharmacy services in the borough

As well as the pharmaceutical needs assessment, we asked residents to tell us what they thought of the pharmacy services available in Barking and Dagenham. We will publish the results of this survey later this year.