Vision and priorities

The vision for the borough is:

One borough; One community; London’s growth opportunity

Four corporate priorities support the vision:

A new kind of council

We have been on a journey over the last few years, one that has seen us transform the council and the way we deliver our services.

At the heart of this transformation is our community.

As a new kind of council, we are changing our relationship with residents by empowering, building resilience and enabling them to fulfil their potential by providing opportunities to prosper.

We are outcomes-focused, directing attention and resources to the things that will have the most impact on improving the lives of residents.

We are agile, responsive and data-led, recognising the need to be more commercially-minded and entrepreneurial so that our services can be financially self-sufficient wherever possible, with the needs of our residents always at the forefront of what we do.

The journey is not yet complete, but through the work we have done to become a new kind of council, we have a clear plan developed with residents which will help us navigate and face the challenges the future may present together.