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Leftley Estate recycling pilot FAQs

We’re introducing a new recycling pilot with 2,800 households in the Leftley Estate, Barking to help residents recycle more things so that together, we make our borough a greener place.

What can I currently recycle in my brown bin?

  • Paper and thin card
  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Plastic bottles
  • Cans and tins

What extra items will residents in the Leftley Estate be able to recycle from 14 September that they couldn’t before?

In addition to the recycling materials that we already collect, residents in the Leftley Estate will also be able to recycle the following in the brown bin during the pilot:

  • glass bottles and jars (please make sure they have been washed and dried)
  • mixed plastics (including washed and clean food trays, yogurt pots, and margarine tubs)
  • empty aerosol cans and clean aluminium foil
  • paperback books (plastic sleeves should be removed)

How long will the pilot run for?

The pilot will run for three months from Monday 14 September to Monday 21 December 2020.

What does this recycling pilot mean for me?

Residents who live in the pilot area (the Leftley Estate area in Barking) will be able to recycle additional materials.

What are the benefits for residents?

This pilot will make it easier for you to recycle more things, helping to make our borough a greener place.

Because it will mean you can recycle more items, it will also help you reduce the amount of waste you need to put in your grey general waste bin – meaning you will have more space for general waste in your grey bin.

How will it work? Do I have to do anything different?

There’s no real change to your recycling collection routine – you won’t need to do anything differently, apart from putting more recyclable items into your brown recycling bin.

Your collection dates will stay the same (fortnightly, every other Monday).

Please remember how important it is to put the right things in the right bin – if general waste is put in your recycling bin it won’t be collected.

Why are you introducing the pilot?

We all need to do our bit for the environment and the more we can recycle, the more we can reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. This really benefits the environment.

If we all recycle more, we will use less new materials from dwindling natural resources.

Recycling reduces our carbon footprint and helps to reduce climate change.

What happens after the pilot finishes?

We’ll evaluate the scheme and if it’s successful, we will roll it out across Barking and Dagenham.

This will help to increase our recycling rate and make our borough a greener place.

What other things can I do to recycle more?

You may also want to donate clothes to local charity shops or textile banks. You can drop off clothes to the following clothing banks:

  • Sebastian Court, Upney Lane (by the Ripple Road end), Barking IG11 9QR
  • Faircross Parade, Longbridge Road, Barking IG11 8UN
  • Civic Centre, Rainham Road North, Dagenham RM10 7JE
  • Frizlands Lane Recycling Centre, 123 Rainham Road North, Dagenham RM10 7ES
  • Old Dagenham Methodist Church, Rainham Road South, Dagenham RM10 8YT 
  • The Victoria, Axe Street, Barking IG11 7LZ