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Local Land Charges register

The Local Land Charges Register is held by the Local Land Charges service.

It consists of 12 parts and is regularly updated as and when new charges and amendments are made.

The 12 parts are:

  • Part I — General financial charges
  • Part II — Specific financial charges
  • Part III — Planning charges
  • Part IV — Miscellaneous charges
  • Part V — Fenland ways maintenance charges
  • Part VI — Land compensation charges
  • Part VII — New towns charges
  • Part VIII — Civil aviation charges
  • Part IX — Opencast coal charges
  • Part X — Listed building charges
  • Part XI — Light obstruction notices
  • Part XII — Drainage scheme charges

Local Land Charges service

LBBD Offices, 9th Floor Maritime House, 1 Linton Road Barking IG11 8HG