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Nationality Document Return Service (NDRS)

The NDRS service ended on 30 November 2018. Due to this, we will not be able to accept any appointments after this date. Please refer to the Home office website for further information.

The Nationality Document return service (NDRS) is only for those applying online for British citizenship. You can also include family members who are included in your online application.

NDRS lets you and your family bring your documents to us for copying, and we then send the copies to the Home Office on your behalf. This allows you to keep your documents while your application for British citizenship is being processed.

NDRS is not a checking service and we cannot assist with your citizenship application form.


Apply for British citizenship online

You can only use NDRS if you are applying online for British citizenship. You can include family members in your application. Make sure you have read and understood the guidance on becoming a British citizen, and are confident that you meet all the requirements, before you apply. Once you've applied online you must attend an NDRS appointment within 10 days.

Apply for British citizenship online

Make an appointment with us

You must attend an NDRS appointment with us (or another participating local authority) within 10 days of applying for British citizenship online, so you should make sure an appointment is available before applying.

Call us on 020 8215 3000 to make your appointment. Appointments cost £55 per applicant. The fee is payable at the time of booking your appointment. Ensure you have your credit or debit card available when you call.

At your appointment with us

You, and any family members over the age of 18 that you have included in your online application, must attend this appointment.

For each applicant, you'll need to bring:

  • your original passport or identity document 
  • all your original supporting documentation
  • a copy of your checklist – this will be available to you on completion of the online application
  • the original referee page with 2 identical passport-sized photos that conform to Home Office passport photo guidance

The Home Office may contact you to request additional or original documentation to determine your application. If you do not submit documents requested by the Home Office by the deadline provided, your application may be refused.

Use of the nationality document return service does not mean your application will be successful. The responsibility is yours to ensure you meet the requirements and are able to supply the relevant documentation before you submit an application.

Applying for a British passport with NDRS (optional)

You can also apply for a British passport at the same time as submitting your documents through NDRS if:

If your current details do not match your identity document you cannot apply for a passport at the same time. Any application made where details do not correspond may be refused a British passport.

To apply for a passport at the same time as citizenship for your family members, anyone over the age of 15 years and 6 months must attend the appointment in person.

The process is the same as steps 1 to 3 above, with these additional requirements for each applicant:

  1. £65 appointment fee per applicant - if your nationality application is unsuccessful, this fee will not be refunded
  2. A completed (paper) passport application form - these can be obtained from your local post office or you can contact Passport Adviceline to get a form posted to you
  3. 2 identical passport-sized photos that conform to Home Office passport photo guidance - don't have these countersigned - this is in addition to the photos required for your British citizenship application (see step 3 above)
  4. Remittance pay slip, which is at the back of the applying for a passport guidance