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NewMe Healthy Lifestyle

NewMe, healthy lifestyle services for our residents!

Get FREE local support with exercising, eating healthy and stopping smoking.

Do you know your heart age?  Check it at NHS - What's your heart age? and take action and sign up to our free programmes.

Sign up to our free programmes

HENRY, healthy families right from the start (0-5 years)

HENRY, healthy families growing up (5-12 years)

LEAN Living - Adults  

Stop smoking

You can attend any of our exercise, healthy eating, stopping smoking and sessions for children age 0-5 play and communication sessions throughout the week.


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Get active

No matter how old you are, introducing regular physical activity into your daily life can improve your overall health, ease stress and improve sleep!  The NHS recommends:

  • adults and older people should aim to do at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise
  • young people aged between five and 18 should do 60 minutes of physical activity each day
  • children under the age of five should do three hours of activity a day

If you are new to exercising, the NHS choices website has a digital Fitness Studio with some helpful instructor led videos, covering aerobics, strength and resistance, pilates, and yoga.

The NHS website also has a BMI (body mass index) calculator which can help you find out if you're a healthy weight.  You can also use it to check your child's BMI.

Don't forget to always consult your GP or healthcare professional before beginning any exercise or diet programme.

Find out about our physical activity programmes 

    Exercises for you to do at home

    Physical activity to keep you healthy


    Eat healthier - Adults

    A poor diet can lead to a number of negative side effects including cancer, diabetes, low confidence, stroke, infertility and high cholesterol. 

    The NHS BMI (body mass index) calculator can help you find out if you're a healthy weight.  You can also use it to check your child's BMI.

    If you think you may be suffering from any of the above conditions, you should speak to your GP or healthcare professional.  You should also consult your GP or healthcare professional before beginning any exercise or diet programme.

    Also, don't forget that if you're under 18 and pregnant or if you're pregnant or have a child under four years old and are on benefits, you could get Healthy Start vouchers to help you buy some basic foods and milk.

    Our free eat healthily programmes


    Eat healthier - Children and families

    Give your child the best possible start by encouraging them to be active and eat well.  
    Deciding ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how much’ to give your child is not always easy.  

    We have a range of programmes to support you: 

    Our free eat healthily programmes

    Also, don't forget that if you're under 18 and pregnant or if you're pregnant or have a child under four years old and are on benefits, you could get Healthy Start vouchers to help you buy some basic foods and milk.

    Children and families 0-5 activities 

    See our 0-5 programme April to July 2022 (PDF, 340KB)

    Stop smoking

    Quitting smoking is good for your health and your family’s health. Giving up smoking can be a real challenge.

    Our stop smoking page has information about our stop smoking service and one to one support:

    Help to stop smoking

    The NHS stop smoking service has information about the benefits of quitting smoking, and where to get help locally.

    NHS stop smoking

    Social prescribing

    Social prescribing enables a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional to refer you to a specialist link worker to talk about the issues you are facing and find the right services to support you.

    Find out more:

    Social prescribing

    Success stories

    Our programmes

    Hear from residents who have improved their health and fitness through our programmes!

    Watch more on our YouTube channel.


    Hear from mum's sharing their experiences of HENRY.

    “Hearing from other mums about the different things they are doing or trying was really insightful… I learnt that my idea of portions wasn’t correct, so now his portion sizes have reduced and there’s more variety. I was giving him healthy food but I realised it wasn’t balanced, so now there are different things on his plate… I would encourage others to attend because it is nine weeks of being nurtured as a mum, individually and together with your child, and with your extended family who don’t attend but benefit from the programme. You share experiences and you form bonds with parents which is important as it can be a bit isolating as a mum.” – Naomi

    “The programme was amazing, I believe we were a family that needed the intervention to learn about healthier options and this has given me the knowledge to pass onto my children and husband and the rest of my family… It has made me try different foods that I wouldn’t have tried before and the children are benefiting from it because meals are now more exciting… I loved the venue because it is a public venue that we use a lot and so it is a place we feel comfortable in. The members of staff are absolutely amazing and I didn’t feel judged because everybody was here for the same reason… I would recommend the programme to anyone who has children because it teaches you things you thought you already knew, and if it can bring me and my family closer together it can bring any family closer together.’ – Amy

    “I enjoyed the group work because the different parents have different parenting skills and we can learn from each other… I have learnt from the HENRY course to give [my child] options, not letting him control but giving him options and it is really working… It is only little changes that you need in your life that makes a difference.’ – Shazna

    “The best part was to meet in the group and discuss what else you can do and share ideas with other mums… I learnt about the labelling on food, when I go shopping I want to do it quickly, so I don’t look at the labelling, but now I will do more research on it.” – Jolanta

    Reading Well

    Reading Well supports you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using helpful reading.

    The books are all recommended by health experts, as well as people living with the conditions covered and their relatives and carers.

    You can be recommended a title by a health professional, or you can visit your local library and take a book out yourself. If the book you need is not available, you can reserve it online to pick up from any library in the borough.

    There are five book lists available: 

    1. Reading Well for mental health
    2. Reading Well for young people
    3. Reading Well for children
    4. Reading Well for dementia 
    5. Reading Well for long term conditions

    Reading Well was recognised by the Royal Society for Public Health as a finalist for the 2017 Public Mental Health and Wellbeing Award

    Reading Well Mood-boosting Books

    Reading Well Mood-boosting Books is a national promotion of uplifting titles, including novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction for all ages.  The books are all recommended by readers and reading groups. 

    All titles can be borrowed from Barking and Dagenham Libraries. If you are not a library member you can join online

    Reading Well website 


    Become a volunteer

    Another great way to help you get active is by volunteering in your local community!

    Barking and Dagenham has lots of opportunities available from roles in libraries, children's centres and community food groups.

    Become a volunteer


    Health Information and useful links

    Helping patients and the public find high quality health information!

    High quality health information can have a huge impact on people’s ability to stay healthy and manage illnesses effectively, giving them a better quality of life. 

    Online resources and information

    Contact us

    020 8724 8018 


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