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Council marks 61st Nigerian Independence Day

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Nigeria marked 61 years of Independence on Friday 1 October, an event that was celebrated in Barking and Dagenham with the Nigerian flag raised at Barking Town Hall.

The Leader, Councillor Darren Rodwell who attended with a number of residents and members of the community had a message for everyone celebrating the event in the borough and said: “I am delighted we’re marking and celebrating Nigeria’s 61st Independence Day, and I’d like to join the residents of Barking and Dagenham in wishing all Nigerians a happy Independence Day.

“Nigeria has such an amazing and rich and extensive history – one that has influenced and affected not only the people who live and were born there, but Africa as a continent and in turn, the wider world.

“Many people of Nigerian descent call Barking and Dagenham their home or contribute to our local economy with successful businesses. As a borough, we benefit greatly from the diversity of different people from all around the world, and we’re extremely grateful for the positive impact members of the Nigerian community have in our amazing diverse borough.”

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