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Council ramps up its campaign to stop tossers dumping on the streets

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Barking and Dagenham Council certainly isn’t afraid of trying new ways to stop people dumping and fly tipping on the borough’s streets and starting from this week residents will see the council’s ‘Don’t be a tosser’ campaign on council vehicles.

The council have now branded up its 7.5ft caged tipper trucks with the messaging in a continued hope that it will put off residents from messing up the borough with their rubbish.

Councillor Margaret Mullane, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety said: “I still can’t understand why people living here would want to dump rubbish on theirs or their neighbour’s roads, making it look dirty.

“We’re determined to beat them, and we will do everything in our powers to do exactly that. If you know someone fly tipping, please do report them as they are only making where you live a dirtier place.”

There is no reason for anyone to dump their rubbish as the council provides a weekly refuse collection service, a green garden waste collection service, bulky waste collection that costs only £10 for 1-4 items, a free white goods collection service in partnership with AO and has two tips in the borough.

If residents want to report someone for fly tipping, they can email grimecrime@lbbd.gov.uk or report some fly tipping online.

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