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East London council Leader pledges to shut down any business disobeying Coronavirus guidelines

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Businesses including bars, pubs, cafes not following government guidelines on social distancing and the rules on reopening in Barking and Dagenham run the risk of being shut down.

In a stern warning, the Leader of Barking and Dagenham, Councillor Darren Rodwell, said: “Now more than ever, it is vital that people continue to follow government advice on social distancing, wearing face coverings and practising good hand hygiene, in order to keep down the number of cases across the borough.

“Despite the strict rules around face coverings and social distancing, unfortunately there are individuals, and sadly businesses who will not follow the guidance.”

The council has so far given retail, leisure and hospitality grants - a total of £25,040,000 so far and last month, launched the discretionary grants scheme and has processed over 300 applications. The grant payments are for £2,500, £5,000 and £10,000 for micro and small businesses, and for sole traders or limited companies up to £2,500.

Cllr Rodwell continued, “No ifs, no buts, we will not allow any business to put profit before people and we are determined to control the spread of the virus.

“Our night-time enforcement teams will be out and about, and we will take very strong action against defaulters and will not hesitate to shut down businesses not playing by the rules.”

Residents can report any business not playing by the rules at:  www.lbbd.gov.uk/covidabuse

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