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Fly tipper and litterer caught red handed by council officers

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Cross service working at Barking and Dagenham Council, has seen noise nuisance officers catch and fine residents for fly tipping and littering in the borough. 

While out attending a noise complaint about a party on Park Avenue, Barking in the early hours of Saturday morning (27 June), officers became suspicious of a male and two females carrying black bags while heading towards a fly tipping hotspot at Faircross Avenue in Barking.  

As the officers switched on their bodycams and started following the direction the people went, they noticed the group of three walking back towards them but without the black bags they were previously seen with. On approaching them, the officers addressed the male, who had been holding the bags, making him aware of who they were and asked what he had done with the bags.

The male initially denied any wrongdoing but after further questioning under caution, he admitted to dumping the bags of was waste on Faircross Avenue. After accompanying the male back to his property on Park Avenue, the officers issued him with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice contrary to s.33 Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

Later that day, a further two officers were starting their shift and observed a driver of a silver Mecedes Benz throw some hand tissues out of their window outside Barking Town Hall before driving off. 

However, before the car disappeared, one of the officers took a number of pictures of the vehicle and tissues that had been disposed of as this is an offence under the s.87 Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The driver will now be receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice of £150 in the post. 

Councillor Margaret Mullane, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety said: “It’s great teams at the council are working together to get these results. We won’t stand for people dumping rubbish or dropping litter in our streets and ruining it for the rest of us. By being vigilant together we can fine the perpetrators to make sure they pay for their mess.”

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