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Piano found abandoned in Barking street

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This year’s festive John Lewis advert might tell the story of how Sir Elton John’s life changed after receiving a piano as a present for Christmas, but for one east London borough the discovery of a discarded piano on the streets was anything but a gift.

The bizarre fly-tip is one of just many unwanted items highlighted by Barking and Dagenham Council in the latest episode of their fortnightly online CCTV Appeal videos, which call on local people to help identify the culprits caught on camera.

The piano, which the offender wheels along the street on a caster dolly board, was dumped by the roadside on Park Avenue, Barking, on Thursday 1 November at around 9pm.

The council launched the YouTube series in July this year after spending more than £380,000 last year collecting unwanted, illegally fly-tipped rubbish.

The videos have so far received over 12,500 views.

It's a little bit funny - no, it really isn't

Councillor Margaret Mullane, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety, said: “Sir Elton John’s Your Song might begin with the lyrics ‘it’s a little bit funny’ – but when it comes to fly-tipping, it really isn’t.

“It costs us thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money, which is cash that can be better spent elsewhere if people just did the responsible thing.”

The council’s fly-tipping team recovered the piano and it is at the council depot. On average, Barking and Dagenham Council collected 50 fly-tips every week last year.

Cllr Mullane said: “There’s plenty of options other than dumping rubbish on the street. Either give it to charity, stick it on a free-cycle website and see if someone else will take it off your hands or contact the council to collect it.”

For more information and to view the latest episode in the series, visit the Wall of Shame.

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