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Wall of Shame

Wall of shame

Barking and Dagenham Council has unveiled a new weapon in its fight against grime crime with the launch of a new ‘Wall of Shame’ to catch people spoiling the borough for everyone else.

Responding directly to residents’ frustrations that some people aren’t playing by the rules, the Wall of Shame will help find, name and shame offenders.

The new initiative is simple – residents can visit the online ‘Wall of Shame’ and help identify culprits caught on camera carrying out grime crimes like fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping alone cost the council £384,304 for 2016/17. It is not only costing money to clear up, but is making parts of the borough look like an eyesore rather than a place to be proud of.

Once an offender has been identified, every measure is taken to ensure the offenders are caught and prosecuted.

“We know residents are sick of their borough looking dirty”, said Leader of the Council, Darren Rodwell.

“We’re getting on top of our street cleaning services to make sure we’re doing our bit, but we also want residents to play their part and take pride in where they live.

“No one wants a pile of rubbish dumped on their street and some places are getting fly-tipped week in week out. It’s not fair on residents living there.

“Just recently our enforcement teams have dealt with over 3,000 grime crime cases to help clean up the borough, so that just gives an idea of the scale of the problem.

“The Wall of Shame is a way everyone can help do their bit. If you see someone you know doing something they shouldn’t, tell us anonymously.”

We know residents are sick of their borough looking dirty. The Wall of Shame is a way everyone can help do their bit

The council has already posted a series of appeals on the Wall of Shame – including a spate of fly tips on Faircross Avenue in Barking.

Residents just need to go online and call 0208 724 8898 or email grimecrime@lbbd.gov.uk quoting the reference number on the video, if they identify someone.

The Wall of Shame is just one way the council is tackling grime crime, and this year the borough became one of the first in England and Wales to be granted an injunction against the establishment of illegal encampments, which covers fly-tipping.

In the 18 months prior to the injunction, the council had to move 41 illegal encampments.

It cost businesses, the council and other services a staggering £1m.

The council has also issued 1,317 fines for enviro-crimes including 335 fines for littering, and has dealt with 1,600 reports of eyesore gardens, which can take months to address thanks to the legal process.

Enforcement officers have also undertaken 27 prosecutions of rogue landlords and taken action against over 200 landlords or letting agents renting out privately let properties which were non-compliant.

Councillor Laila Butt said: “We are doing everything in our power to ensure anti-social behaviour is dealt with in the strongest possible way by our enforcement team.

“The Wall of Shame demonstrates we take this seriously and the record speaks for itself.

“We know we have some way to go but we want to have one of the cleanest boroughs in London. Our message is loud and clear – we will clamp down on any offenders and take the strongest possible action.”

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