e-billing / e-letters

e-billing and e-letters is the new way to receive your:

  • Business Rate bill
  • Council Tax bill
  • Housing Benefit notification letters
  • Council Tax Support notification letters.

Instead of receiving paper bills or notification letters, you will soon be able to view your bills and notification letters online.

The Council acknowledged that many businesses and residents prefer to receive their bills and/or notification letters electronically.

The Council are also devoted to helping the environment and reducing costs, both of which can be achieved using e-billing and e-letters.

In December 2016 we will be introducing both e-billing and e-letters to replace the traditional paper bills and letters for businesses and residents who register for e-billing and/or e-letters.

Advantages of e-billing and e-letters

e-billing and e-letters provide a faster, more efficient and convenient way to receive and check your bills and letters.

  • You will receive an e-mail notifying you that you have a new e-bill or e-letter
  • You can view your e-bill or e-letter as soon as it is available, whenever you like and as often as you like
  • You can save a copy of your e-bill or e-letter and can also print it or send it via e-mail to a recipient of your choice
  •  You will always be able to find your e-bill or e-letter

You will soon be able to register for e-billing and/or e-letter.

If you would like to receive your bills or letters as soon as they are produced or want the reassurance of receiving all your bills and letters, please keep an eye on our website as we’ll be posting up to date information about this new service in the coming weeks.