Parking permits and vouchers

You need a parking permit to park your vehicle in some roads in Barking and Dagenham. Find out what permits you can buy, how and where to buy them, and prices.

We no longer produce paper residents' permits or visitors' permits, so you will not receive one in the post. As our permits are now virtual, they are valid as soon as your application is successful.

If you still have some paper visitor permits, these scratchcards are still valid for use. The day, date and month must be scratched off but the year can be ignored.

Applying for a permit online

Using RingGo

To apply for a parking permit online, you need an account with our service provider, RingGo. Once you have an account set up, you can manage your parking permits on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Once registered, you can use RingGo whenever you need to renew your permit or pay for parking at any location where there is RingGo sign, not just in Barking and Dagenham.

Register with RingGo

Using your landline number to set up an account

You can use a landline number instead of a mobile phone number when setting up a RingGo account for a parking permit application.

Supporting documents

You may need to provide supporting documents, which will be used to verify your application. Make sure you have electronic copies (scans or good-quality digital photographs) of any supporting documents required so you can upload them when asked to do so.

Proof of residence

Proof of residence is required when submitting an application for a resident/temporary permit or a visitors' scratchcard parking permit.

Any of these documents dated within 3 months is acceptable:

  • bank or building society statement
  • Council Tax bill
  • utility bill (electricity, gas or water)

Proof of vehicle ownership

Proof of ownership is required when submitting an application for a resident/temporary permit.

Any of these is acceptable:

  • bill of sale
  • certificate of motor insurance
  • logbook slip
  • vehicle registration document (VQ/5)

Uploading supporting documents

If you have a problem uploading documents, make sure the files you’re uploading don’t exceed the size specified. To keep the file size down, don’t scan at too high a resolution. Try uploading black and white pictures or scans as these will be smaller than colour.

Renewing your permit

If you are completing an online application form to renew a parking permit, you still need to fill in the application form and provide supporting documentation. This is to ensure that permits are only issued to legitimate applicants.

Apply without internet access Toggle accordion

Our paperless visitor parking permits are designed to work with smartphones, tablets and computers.

If you don’t have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer you can visit:

We will guide you through the process using our self-service computers. We also run regular free internet introduction sessions for people who’d like to get online and use the internet.

Automated permit activation line

Once you've set up an account for visitor parking permits, you can ring the automated permit activation line.

020 3046 0005

Types of permit Toggle accordion

Resident parking permit

We sell resident parking permits to eligible residents living within a controlled parking zone (CPZ).

The permit allows a vehicle to park in a resident permit bay or shared-use bay.

William Street Quarters (WSQ) permit

A resident parking permit is sold to eligible residents living within William Street Quarters, which allows a vehicle to park in a marked bay within the area.

William Street Quarters includes:

  • Anne Mews
  • Kings Road
  • William Street
  • Linton Road

Temporary parking permit

We sell these to residents who have just bought a vehicle or who have recently moved into a controlled parking zone, and the documents needed for a full resident permit haven’t arrived yet.

Visitor’s parking permit

We sell these to eligible residents living within a controlled parking zone; these permits allow residents' visitors to park vehicles in a resident permit bay or shared-use bay.

When you have a visitor, you can immediately purchase a voucher online. Any payment made for permits is not refundable.

Buying a visitor parking permit if you’re not a resident

Only residents can buy visitor permits. Residents need to supply proof of address when registering for an account.

How to activate a virtual visitor parking permit

All you need is your visitor’s vehicle registration number, the date they will be staying, and how long they will be staying for.

You can either activate virtual permits when your visitor is actually parking up or you can do it in advance if you know the date that your visitor is arriving.

You activate a permit by signing into your account and selecting the Activate Paperless Visitor Permit One Day Zone option from the homepage. The registration number of the relevant vehicle must be entered when you activate the permit.

Once you have created one permit, your card and vehicles will be remembered by the system. This makes subsequent permits even easier to book.

Business parking permit

We sell these permits to eligible businesses based within a controlled parking zone. Applications will be considered where parking is essential for the efficient operation of business.

Doctor’s parking permit

A doctor’s parking permit is for doctors (GPs) based at surgeries inside a controlled parking zone or with an assigned doctor’s bay.

Blue Badges for disabled drivers

Vehicles with a correctly displayed valid Blue Badge are permitted to park in a controlled parking zone or resident permit bays. If you hold a disabled person’s Blue Badge, you should note this is a local concession and may not apply in other boroughs.

Read about disabled parking and Blue Badges

Funeral waiver

For a funeral, if the deceased lived in the borough, the funeral director or the person dealing with the arrangement can apply for funeral parking waivers for a number of vehicles for mourners attending.

Apply for a funeral waiver

If you get a penalty charge notice (PCN) whilst waiting for your permit

There are 2 options available if you receive a PCN while waiting for your parking permit: you can either make the payment, or make a challenge to the PCN.

Pay or challenge a PCN

Price list Toggle accordion

Resident permit charges

Tariff bandVehicles from 2001: CO2 (g/km)1st vehicle2nd vehicle3rd vehicle (or more)4th vehicle (or more)Pre-2001 vehicles only
A0 to 100Free£20.50£41£41Electric car
B/C101 to 140£22.55£46.61£81.18£87.951300cc or less
D141 to 160    £28.27£62.31£95.04£102.961301-1600 cc
E161 to 180£34.10£74.41£108.24£117.26  1601-1800 cc
F181 to 200£43.20£87.12£122.10£132.281801-2000 cc
G201 to 255£49.20£99.22£135.30£146.582001-3000 cc
H255+£73.80£148.83£162.36£175.893001+ cc

Other permit charges

Type of permitValid forCharge
Temporary permit30 days in listed CPZ£31
PVP paperless visitor permit (resident visitor permit)4 hours in listed CPZ£0.75
1 day (until midnight) in listed CPZ£1.38
Business/trade permit1 year in business/shared bays in listed CPZ£470
Doctor's permit1 year in listed CPZ£481
Season ticket6am to 8pm in London Road multi-storey car park (3 months)£262.50
6am to 8pm in London Road multi-storey car park (6 months)£477
6am to 8pm in London Road multi-storey car park (1 year)£874.50
8pm to 6am in London Road multi-storey car park (3 months)    £90
8pm to 6am in London Road multi-storey car park (6 months)£165
8pm to 6am in London Road multi-storey car park (1 year)£298.50
3 months, 24 hour access, in London Road multi-storey car park£342
6 months, 24 hour access, in London Road multi-storey car park£616.50
1 year, 24 hour access, in London Road multi-storey car park£1164
24 hour parking in The Mall (Heathway) (3 months)£112.80
24 hour parking in The Mall (Heathway) (6 months)£210
24 hour parking in The Mall (Heathway) (1 year)    £391.50
Associate permit4 months in listed car parks£159
6 months in listed car parks£229.50
1 year in listed car parks£420
Essential worker permit    1 year in all CPZs (maximum stay 4 hours)£375
Bay suspension/dispensationDaily, in specified location£130
Weekly, in specified location£390
Parking waiverDaily£31
Domestic carer permit6 months£83.50
1 year£125
Vehicle releaseFrom a locked car park location£156
Car club annual permitAnnual£1,039

Administration charge

An administration charge of £30 applies to some parking services, including resident permit refunds and changes of vehicle registration on a permit.

Making a change to your permit Toggle accordion

Refunds if you no longer need a permit

If you want to cancel your permit, you will need to request a change via your RingGo account. You may be eligible for a refund unless the terms and conditions state otherwise.

Any refund will be a pro-rata amount for each complete month remaining on the permit and an administration charge will be deducted.

Selling or disposing of your vehicle with an existing permit

Paper permit

When selling or disposing of your vehicle with an existing parking permit, you’re advised to remove your paper parking permit so it can be returned for refund. The permit must be returned to Parking Services at Barking Town Hall. If you're unable to provide the old permit, your new application will be treated as an additional vehicle.

You will have to purchase a new parking permit for a new vehicle. If you don’t cancel the old permit, when you apply for a new permit your new vehicle will be considered to be an additional vehicle.

Virtual permit

Virtual permits must be cancelled or changed via your RingGo account. You may add vehicles to your account but this will not apply a permit to them.

If you're purchasing a new resident permit it can take up to 2 working days for the cancellation to take place.

Get a second vehicle to be your primary vehicle if you’ve sold your first vehicle

When a permit is not renewed, the next permit application we receive will become the first vehicle/primary permit in the household.

Permits for commuters and residents in car-free developments Toggle accordion

Season tickets for car parks

RingGo cashless parking

Commuters and residents can pay or subscribe for parking in our car parks using RingGo, either online or by telephone.

Register with RingGo

Or call 020 3046 0010

Access between 6am to 8pm

A season ticket is suitable for local workers and commuters who park their vehicles regularly. It eliminates the need to buy pay and display tickets on a daily basis and is valid for use in either London Road multi-storey or Heathway multi-storey car parks.

You can subscribe through RingGo cashless parking, location code 7028 (London Road).

Access 24 hours

This parking permit is suitable for local residents who want to use the car park at any time. It’s valid for use in London Road multi-storey car park.

You can subscribe through RingGo cashless parking, location code 7628 (London Road).

Access 8pm to 8pm (and weekends)

This parking permit is suitable for local residents who want to use the car park but do not require daytime access to the car park. It’s valid for use in London Road multi-storey car park.

You can subscribe through RingGo cashless parking, location code 27030 (London Road).

Season tickets for surface car parks

This season ticket is valid for use between 6am to 8pm and gives access to these locations:

  • Becontree Avenue car park
  • Broad Street shopping area
  • Fiddlers shopping area
  • Green Lane shopping area
  • High Road Chadwell Heath
  • Wantz Road car park

They are not valid in these locations:

  • Parks
  • Bobby Moore Way car park
  • Linton Road car park
  • London Road multi-storey car park
  • Heathway multi-storey car park

You should note that charges vary.

Season ticket application form

Season ticket application form (PDF, 195.60 KB)

Associate parking permit

The associate parking permit is available to people who work for partner organisations of the council, such as:

  • Barking and Dagenham 14 to 19 Careers Advice Service
  • Barking and Dagenham Enterprise
  • Broadway Theatre
  • Barking and Dagenham College
  • Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Metropolitan Police
  • North East London Foundation Trust
  • Prospects Service

The associate parking permit offers access to these council car parks:

  • Heathway multi-storey car park (The Mall)
  • London Road multi-storey car park
  • Roycraft House car park

It’s valid for use 24 hours a day for periods of 4 months, 6 months or 12 months. Charges vary.

Associate parking permit application form

You can buy an associate parking permit by downloading and completing our form and returning it to the address at the top of the form.

Associate parking permit application (PDF, 169.56 KB)

When you post the form to us, make sure you include the following:

  • The form
  • A copy of the insurance certificate for the vehicle you wish the permit to cover
  • A covering letter on official headed paper authorising the application and signed by the company secretary or a senior manager

Send your materials and the form to the Permits Team:

Essential worker parking permit

The essential worker parking permit is available to salaried health workers and staff members of care homes within the borough who are required to park in controlled parking zones to carry out their daily duties.

The permit is only valid for parking up to 4 hours in a location. Valid possession of a permit does not guarantee that a space will be available in the area. You should always check signs when parking.

Essential worker parking permit application form

You can buy an essential worker parking permit by downloading and completing our form and returning it to the address at the top of the form.

Essential worker parking permit application (PDF, 48.62 KB)

Terms and conditions Toggle accordion

It is important to read the terms and conditions for the issue of parking permits before submitting an application.

Applications will not be authorised unless the correct proof is supplied.

Applicants are advised to allow 5 working days for any requests to be processed. However, if further investigation is required, it may take longer than this.

You cannot apply to renew a permit until 7 days prior to the old permit expiring.

Terms and conditions for specific permits

Permits Team

Parking Services, Town Hall, 1 Town Square, Barking IG11 7LU