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Premises licence

A premises licence is required in respect of any venue (including open spaces, stationary vehicles, vessels and stalls) to be used for licensable activities. Once granted, the licence is permanent, unless revoked, surrendered or suspended. Payment of an annual continuation fee is required to avoid suspension of the licence. Licensable activities include:

  • the retail sale of alcohol
  • the supply of alcohol by clubs to club members or guests
  • the provision of entertainment, including plays, films, indoor sport, live or recorded music, and dancing.
  • the provision of entertainment facilities
  • the sale of hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am

 A premises licence is also required for a one-off event if 500 people or more (including staff) are expected to attend.

Applications for a new premises licence may be made online

Apply for a new premises licence 

When you submit your application, you will need to also submit a floor plan of the premises at a scale no smaller than 1:100 with your application, indicating:

  • the premises boundary and all internal and external walls
  • the location of all entrances, exits and escape routes;
  • where the premises is to be used for more than one licensable activity, the area(s) within the premises to be used for each;
  • areas to be used for the consumption of alcohol;
  • fixed structures (including furniture) which may restrict the use of exits or escape routes;
  • the location and height of any stage;
  • the location of any steps, stairs, elevators or lifts;
  • lavatories
  • the location and type of any fire safety equipment or other safety equipment; and
  • any kitchen

You will also need a consent to be a Designated Premises Supervisor form (where applicable) and proof of entitlement to work in the UK (where the applicant is an individual).

You will also be required to give notice of your application to relevant responsible authorities (statutory bodies able to comment on a licence application and/or apply for the review of a licence in certain circumstances).

Applications for a new premises licence or a variation to an existing licence (other than a minor variation) must be advertised in two ways:

  1. A Public Notice must be prominently displayed so that it is easily visible 24-hours a day from the outside of the premises, for a period of not less than 28 days, starting the day after the application is submitted (the consultation period).  For large premises the Notice must be repeated every 50m. The Notice must be in the format prescribed by the Council and printed on light blue paper. A copy of the Public Notice will also be displayed on the Council’s website for the whole of the consultation period.
  2. Publication of an advertisement in a locally available newspaper giving notification of the application to appear on one occasion within 10 working days of submission of the application. You will be required to provide proof of publication to the Licensing Team.

Applications for Minor variations must be advertised by displaying a Public Notice in the prescribed format, printed on white paper, so that it is easily visible 24-hours a day from the outside of the premises, for a period of 10 working days starting on the working day after the minor variation application was submitted.

Every premises licence that allows the sale or supply of alcohol must specify an individual as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). The DPS will usually be the person in day-to-day control of the premises; they must hold a Personal Licence and may authorise other members of staff to sell alcohol. A consent form signed by the person specified as the DPS must be submitted with the licence application.

If at any time after the grant of a licence, the person specified as the DPS ceases to work at the premises, the licence holder must apply for a variation of the licence to specify a new DPS. The outgoing DPS should also submit a request to be removed from the licence.

Community premises that such as church halls and parish halls may apply to be exempted from the need to have a DPS. Please contact the Licensing Team at licensing@lbbd.gov.uk if you wish to make such an application.

For small changes to a premises licence, including reducing the hours during which you sell alcohol, removing licensable conditions or making small changes to the premises layout, you may apply for a Minor Variation of the Licence.

For all changes to the licence other than minor changes, including changes to operating hours, conditions of the licence or licensable activities, you must apply for a Full Variation of the Licence. Licence holders who are individuals will be required to submit proof of entitlement to work in the UK with every application for a variation.

To change the person named on the licence as responsible for the sale of alcohol, you must apply for a Variation to specify a Designated Premises Supervisor.    

Anyone you wish to nominate as DPS must complete a form providing their Consent to be a Designated Premises Supervisor.

To change the person named as the holder of a premises licence, you must apply to Transfer a Premises Licence.

The outgoing licence holder in the event of a transfer should submit their Consent to Transfer a Premises Licence.

For changes to the legal name and or address of the licence holder or the Designated Premises Supervisor, you must submit a Notification of a Change of Name or Address.

In the event of a change to the DPS, the outgoing DPS (or the licence holder on their behalf) must submit a Request to be Removed as Designated Premises Supervisor.

In the event of the death, incapacity or insolvency of the licence holder, a person with a legal interest in the premises or with an appropriate connection to the licence holder may, within 28 days of the death, incapacity or insolvency, submit an Interim Authority Notice, declaring their interest and preventing the revocation of the licence so that they may apply to have it transferred.

Persons other than the licence holder, with a property interest in the licensed premises may give a Notice of Interest, entitling them to be notified of any change relating to the premises made to the Council’s register.

Public Notices

Current applications

H&Q Café, 242 Bennetts Castle Lane, Dagenham RM8 3UU

Public Notice - H&Q Café (PDF, 10KB)
End of consultation - 20 July 2020.

Istanbul Food Centre, 714-720 Green Lane, Dagenham  RM8 1YX

Public Notice - Istanbul Food Centre (PDF, 27KB)
End of consultation - 27 July 2020.

Bier Nuts Ltd, Unit 8 Buzzard Creek Industrial Estate, Barking IG11 0EL

Public Notice - Bier Nuts Ltd (PDF, 9KB)
End of consultation - 30 July 2020.

Gospodina Dagenham, Unit B The Bull, Rainham Road South, Dagenham RM10 8AQ

Public Notice - Gospodina Dagenham (PDF, 28KB)
End of consultation - 4 August 2020.

Licensing Team

Barking Town Hall, Lower Ground,1 Clock House Avenue, Barking IG11 7LU