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Recycling facilities

The recycling and refuse deposit site at Frizlands Lane and other tips in Havering, Newham and Redbridge are closed to the public until further notice.

Local recycling centres

Reducing the amount of waste you produce through recycling helps us save vital funds and also helps save the environment.

Before you bin something, find out if it can be disposed of at your local reuse and recycling centre by visiting 

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The main centre for the borough is Frizlands Lane, however, you can also use the following centres covered by East London Waste Authority:

Follow the links above for information on address and opening times for each recycling centre.

Proof you live in the borough

To use any of the centres you will need to bring either your current Council Tax bill or driving licence with your current address to prove you live in the borough. 

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To stay safe at any recycling centre, remember:

  • if you need help, please ask a member of staff 
  • wear strong shoes and suitable clothing 
  • the speed limit is strictly 5 miles per hour 
  • be careful when walking around the site, particularly when carrying things 
  • ensure children and pets stay in the car when you are loading 
  • wrap sharp items very carefully and wear gloves when carrying them 
  • use the steps provided and do not throw things into the containers from lower levels

Restricted access Toggle accordion

All the recycling centres use automatic number plate recognition to identify and challenge vehicles suspected of carrying and illegally tipping trade waste.

Once your vehicle passes a certain number of visits, you will receive a letter telling you to contact us. We will then discuss why you are bringing so much waste into the centre.

We’ll either allow you to continue or, if we believe you are tipping fraudulently, we can deny you access to the site.

If you’ve received a letter from us

If you have been given a letter, complete our form to provide us more details about your use of the facility. We will aim to contact you within 2 working days to discuss the matter further.

To use the form, you need to be signed in to your My Account. If you don’t have one, you can create a My Account.

Request access following a letter

Bulky waste Toggle accordion

If the item is too large for you to take to a recycling centre, you can book a bulky waste collection with us.

Book a bulky waste collection

Other recycling facilities

As well as providing a kerbside recycling collection service, we also have recycling facilities across the borough. Using recycling banks is a convenient way of recycling materials that cannot be recycled through your brown bin recycling collection.​​

Recycling banks Toggle accordion

There are recycling banks across the borough where you can recycle the following items: 

  • paper
  • tin
  • textiles
  • glass
  • plastic

Find your nearest recycling bank 

Household battery recycling points Toggle accordion

Some household batteries contain chemicals like lead, mercury or cadmium. If batteries are thrown into your normal waste bin they are likely to end up in landfill. Once buried, the batteries start to break down and can leak some of these chemicals into the ground. This can cause soil and water pollution, which may be a health risk.

Recycling stops batteries going to landfill and helps recover valuable metals. This reduces the need to mine for new materials and saves resources.

You can recycle your household batteries at one of our recycling points:

Find your nearest recycling point