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Our website will be under planned maintenance on Monday 23rd September 2019.  Please note this will cause some of our forms to be unavailable and we will be unable to provide you with the progress of completed forms also.

Report an abandoned vehicle

We remove any vehicle abandoned in the open air or on any part of the highway, free of charge. However, we may charge a landowner to remove an abandoned vehicle from a hard-to-access area.

A vehicle is considered to be abandoned if:

  • it has not been moved for at least 6 weeks
  • it is in poor condition, such as having flat tyres, or litter has built up under the vehicle
  • there is evidence of damage, such as poor body work or broken windows

You can help us keep the borough looking clean and tidy and our streets clear by reporting abandoned vehicles using our form. 

Report an abandoned vehicle   

If you've made a report previously you can check the progress of your report

You should have the following information to hand when you contact us:

  • the make and model of the abandoned vehicle
  • its colour
  • its registration number
  • its exact location
  • supporting evidence of abandonment

We aim to inspect abandoned vehicles within 5 working days of being notified.

Untaxed vehicles

The enforcement of untaxed vehicles rests exclusively with the DVLA, which has a form to report a vehicle you suspect as being untaxed.

Report an untaxed vehicle

Local authorities can only deal with untaxed vehicles when they have received permission to do so from the DVLA. Wheel-clamping or the removal of untaxed vehicles is deferred until they have been without tax for at least 2 months and one day.