Bin collection dates

If you live in a house or a converted flat

If you live in a house or a converted flat, your household grey bins are collected weekly and recycling brown bins are collected fortnightly. If you’ve signed up for green garden waste subscription, your green bin is collected fortnightly when the scheme is active.

To find your collection day, enter your postcode then select your address from the drop-down list:

If you live in a shopping or commercial business area

Your collection day maybe different to those listed.

Commercial businesses (only) can check their collection day by contacting:

Barking and Dagenham Direct

Collection date calendar

This shows the week assigned to your address (week 1 or week 2) for collection dates.

Report a missed collection

If your bin collection was missed you can report it and book another collection from 10pm on the collection day until 6pm the following working day.

Report a missed collection