Business waste charges

Charges are payable in advance of the collection.

We collect larger quantities on request, subject to an on-site estimate.

Rental charges are payable annually in advance.

Collection charges are payable quarterly in advance.

Refuse sacks

  • Collection per bag (including charities): £5.20

Euro bin/Paladin bin

Euro-bins are large, wheeled and lidded containers provided for flats.

Paladin bins are taller with no lid.

They can hold up to 500kg of refuse.

  • Annual rental per bin: £127.00
  • Collection per bin: £25.00
  • Collection per bin for charities: £16.00
  • Collection per bin for six bins or more: £20.00

Demountable container

Demountable bins are ‘walk-in’ containers of approximately nine cubic yards that can hold up to nine tons of waste.

They are delivered and collected by a large lorry.

  • Annual rental per demount unit: £867.00
  • Per collection (on request): £262.00