Home composting is an inexpensive, eco-friendly process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a nutrient-rich food for your garden.

A third of the household waste you throw away could be composted at home.

Composting greatly reduces the amount of kitchen and garden waste that has to be collected by the Council.

Order a compost bin

Barking and Dagenham residents can buy composting bins for as little as £19.98 (+£5.99 delivery).

The usual retail price is £39.

You can order your composting bin online:

Order a composting bin

or call direct:

Get composting

0844 571 4444

Benefits of composting

There are many environmental and economic benefits to composting.

  • Composting at home for one year can save global warming gases equivalent to all the CO2 your kettle produces in a year, or your washing machine in three months
  • Composting organic materials helps prevent pollution by contributing to the reduction of methane gases, which damage the ozone layer
  • It reduces the need for water, fertilisers and pesticides in the garden
  • It’s a low-cost alternative to artificial soil additives
  • An average household that composts at home could expect to divert over 150kg of waste from landfill each year
Beginners guide to composting - Slim your bin