Restricted access to reuse and recycling centres

Reuse and recycling centres are provided to residents for the disposal of household waste only.

Those who frequently visit the reuse and recycling centres or those suspected of carrying and illegally tipping trade waste will be asked to provide information about their use of the sites.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

This system is in use at our Reuse and Recycling Centre and it’s designed to to identify and challenge vehicles suspected of carrying and illegally tipping trade waste.

This includes those using cars and small vans.

Once a vehicle passes a certain number of visits the owner will receive a letter telling them to contact us. We will then discuss why they are bringing so much waste into the centre.

We’ll either allow them to continue or if we believe they are tipping fraudulently we can deny them access to the site.

If you’ve received a letter from us

If you have been given a letter, please complete this form to provide us more details about your use of the facility.

We will aim to contact you within two working days to discuss the matter further.

Request access following a letter