New or replacement bins

If you require a new or replacement bin, this will be subject to the eligibility criteria set out by the council and approved by a council officer.

All properties are provided with standard 120 litre bins for domestic and recycling refuse.

Households with 5 or more people can request a larger size 240 litre bin.

Requests for larger bins will be checked by a member of our waste minimisation team before a bin is supplied.

Replacement bins can be ordered if your bin has been damaged or stolen. A member of the waste minimisation team will contact you about your request.

This is because most household waste can be recycled.

Reducing waste and recycling information

It’s vitally important that we all play a part in reducing the amount of waste our borough is producing because we throw out more rubbish than anyone else in London.

In fact, on average, every household creates one tonne of rubbish a year– that’s 40% more than some neighbouring boroughs.

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Request a replacement bin

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