What goes in your bins

Household bins

Each house is provided with three types of bin:

Flats with communal bins

Each flat has access to two types of communal bin:

Each bin is for a different type of waste or recycling.

It’s important that you put the right waste in the appropriate bin.

To make sure that your bins are emptied

  • Place rubbish inside your wheelie bin
  • Only place bins on the street if you don’t have a front garden or drive
  • Ensure bins are placed outside by 6.30 am on the day of collection
Bin collection dates

If you live in a flat

  • Place your rubbish in the communal area on the morning of your collection

Assisted collection

If you are physically unable to put your waste out for collection and have no-one in the household to help, you can request an assisted collection.

If you can’t fit all your waste into the bin

In exceptional cases we may provide a bigger bin if you are a large family (of more than 5) and cannot fit your waste into your existing bin.

We encourage residents to:

  • minimise the household waste that they produce
  • improve re-use and recycling
  • reduce the amount of waste which is going to landfill.

Our Waste Minimisation Officer can visit to discuss how to improve ways you can manage waste.

Reducing waste

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