James and Miranda’s adoption story

“We chose Barking and Dagenham for two reasons:

  1. It was our local borough and we felt that this was a good choice
  2.  We felt more welcomed and embraced at the very beginning of this process from Barking and Dagenham than we had from some other places that we had contacted

We wanted to adopt for so many reasons but the main two were:

  • Because we had encountered problems ourselves in getting pregnant, we had been told by doctors that it was highly unlikely that we would be able to have children
  • Adoption was something that we had already been considering as I  have personally been working with children and young people for many years including those that live in care and so I had always had a desire to adopt and help those that may not have the same opportunities that we had

We found the adoption journey enjoyable, but at times challenging but we always felt supported and encouraged both by our fantastic social worker and also our friends and family. It was not always easy but as we always kept our eyes on the long term hope and we were always able to keep smiles on our faces. The journey is not meant to be easy as we have to make sure that every child is getting a parent that is not only emotionally stable but also as prepared as possible to make a difference in that child’s life.

The journey really was eye opening and a reality check for us and really did help us to understand more about ourselves, the need to adopt and the children that are looking for a family. We would have liked it if it could have been a bit quicker as it ended up being over 2 years [the process is now much shorter in line with government guidelines] but when you first meet your child then that does not matter any more.

Our lives have changed in almost every was possible, not always easy, but positive in every sense. We became much more aware of ourselves as people and what we needed to do and be in order to make a positive impact in our kids lives. We have learnt to be selfless, giving and to treat each other as a couple with the upmost respect. Our daughter and son have changed our lives more than we have ever changed theirs.”

Adoption Team

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