Entertainment licence for children

Children (from birth to when they finish compulsory education) have to be licensed when working in:

  • television
  • films
  • theatre
  • modelling
  • certain sporting activities

Compulsory education ends on the Friday before the last Monday in June, during the academic year that the child reaches the age of 16. After this date, an entertainment licence is no longer required.

The child will need an agent to organise and arrange performances. The agent is also responsible for payment made to the child for the work they do.

Children in entertainment must be in the care of their parent, legal guardian or licensed chaperone.

Child entertainment licence application form

The local authority where the child lives is responsible for issuing an entertainment (also known as performance) licence.

Both parts of the form must be returned to the Education Statutory Services Team at least five working days before the performance takes place.

A licence will only be issued providing all the requirements are met. If you live in Barking and Dagenham, please the completed form to:

Education Statutory Services Team
2nd Floor, Town Hall Barking, 1 Town Square, Barking IG11 7LU

020 8227 2151