If you can provide a safe and secure home maybe you could foster a child or young person.

With regular training and support, fostering a child can be very rewarding.

Foster carers:

  • Look after children on a day to day basis and meet their many individual needs
  • Work alongside the child’s family (in many but not all cases) enabling contact to take place
  • Work alongside other people who play an important part in the life of a child including social workers, teachers, doctors and health visitors

It may sound silly, but foster carers will need to like children and keep liking them despite what may happen.

Foster carers need to be patient, understanding, tolerant, flexible, open-minded, energetic and be prepared to stick with it.

We recognise this list can be demanding, so we offer regular training and support groups.

Foster carers give their time and efforts generously, yet may feel that they are get little back in the way of acknowledgement, thanks or progress.

Carers may not see the benefit of their hard work for a long time as each child will progress at their own pace.

Something which may seem unimportant to an adult, may actually represent a massive step forward to a child.

Many experienced carers can look back and see the real difference they made to the lives of children and young people.

Support for carers

We appreciate that fostering can be a demanding task and are committed to providing our carers with the support that they need.

This includes:

  • Talking to our current carers and redesigning our support services to ensure they are what carers want
  • Working toward all foster carers obtaining a nationally recognised NVQ qualification in childcare
  • Once approved, all foster carers are allocated a dedicated fostering social worker to support carers and to help them identify their learning needs

As part of a team we welcome ideas for improving support and training from foster carers.


Whilst money is not everything we are committed to ensuring that our foster carers are paid enough to cover the costs involved in looking after a child.

The amount paid to each foster carer is calculated on an individual basis according to the age of the child.

Enquire about becoming a foster carer
Fostering Team

020 8227 5988 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm) 020 8227 5949 (out of hours)