Transferring from another fostering agency

We are always keen to hear from existing foster carers. Contact us today:

Fostering Team

020 8227 5988

These are some of the reasons why you should foster with us:

  •  If you live in or around Barking and Dagenham we are on your door step when you need help and we offer outstanding support
  • In our last full fostering inspection we were judged as outstanding in all six areas
  • We pay a competitive allowance

All transfers will follow the Fostering Network’s Transfer protocol to ensure a smooth transition.

The three main stages when you transfer are:

  1. You will need to inform your current agency of your intent to transfer as you can only be registered with one agency at a time. We will then work out a time frame with them for when you can transfer to us
  2. We will access your file with your current agency and this forms part of your re-assessment
  3. We will need to undertake our own assessment. However with the information from your current agency this should be completed within good time scales and you can remain registered with your current agency until you transfer to us

For further information or to discuss your individual situation please contact us;

Fostering Team

020 8227 5988

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Fostering Network Transfer protocol