The Young Mayor

The Young Mayor is elected by Barking and Dagenham Youth Forum which itself is elected by young people through their secondary schools and youth organisations.

Vaisaly Gnanapandithan

Vaisaly Gnanapandithan has been elected as Barking and Dagenham Young Mayor for 2017. She has been a member of Barking and Dagenham Youth Forum for three years and was recently voted by her peers to represent them.

A year 12 student at Barking Abbey Sixth Form, she is studying history,politics, maths and business, and competes nationally and internationally in taekwondo.

She is passionate about representing young people of Barking and Dagenham and is looking forward to working with Barking and Dagenham Youth Forum, a democratically elected group of young people who represent their schools, colleges or youth groups.

The young people work on a range of projects and campaigns which encourage social responsibility and civic pride.

Vaisaly is excited about the year ahead saying:

“I look forward to working with my peers of Barking and Dagenham Youth Forum and making 2017 a successful year”.

The Young Mayor’s charity

The Young Mayor works in partnership with members of Barking and Dagenham Youth Forum to plan fundraising events and raise the profile of young people locally. Each year the Young Mayor has a charity appeal and this year more than 130 local young people were consulted about which charity should be chosen.

The 2017 Young Mayor’s charity appeal will be Barking and Dagenham Young Carers. The Young Mayor and Barking and Dagenham Youth Forum are excited to be raising funds for a charity that is local and offers a vital resource to our young people.

They are keen to plan exciting events throughout the year that will be aimed at young people which will raise funds for Barking and Dagenham Young Carers as well as raising awareness of the project and its work. Through meeting the family services manager, Sharon Cumberbatch, the group gained a greater insight in to the importance of the Young Carers project and the benefits it has on young carers lives.

They decided that all funds raised will go towards supporting for young carers under the age of eight. The Young Mayor and Barking and Dagenham Youth Forum look forward to making a contribution to this much needed project and are currently finalising their programme of events.